Break Or Build The Barriers

I will try to be as sweet as possible as I put your common sense to trial
Please forget that I am black so you do not see another angry black person
Take your eyes away from my breast so you don’t see another woman nagging
We need to be awake and alert and active about racial, gender, social, sexual, judicial and political oppression privilege and double standards.
Because we are all on race and . . .

Allow me to go off for a second
I’m sorry if I fulfil the stereotypes and don’t meet your ladylike expectations
But I am not sorry because everything got me fucked up and I refuse to be silent.
Why is it okay to justify a grown man who thinks grabbing any woman by the pussy is fine, and worse allow him stand a chance to win presidency.
Why do I have to stand here and explain why “he’s just being a boy” does not justify anything.
A man murders a teenager because his skin looked threatening and walks away but someone attempts to kill him, fails and might face 20 years in jail. Donald Trump, Zimmerman, Brock Turner? Is your head really so far up your ass, you cant comprehend the concept of white male privilege?

Allow me another second to speak the truth
I’m sorry I have a problem with your idea of justice
but I am not sorry because I am sick and tired of victim blaming and I will not be quiet.
Why is it right to put victims of sexual, physical, emotional and mental assault on trial and worse let perpetrators walk free or with lighter sentence?
Why isn’t it ridiculous that I have to stand here and say It is never the victim's fault , do not silence them, stop victimizing perpetrators?
You tried victim blaming, you tried blaming it on society, yet assault and violence is still on the rise, is common sense not so common that you can’t realize it is time to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Allow me one more quick second to rant
I’m sorry my feminism intimidates and turns you off
But I am not sorry because I am upset at the limits you put around my sisters and I will speak of it.
Why is it sensible for you or me, female or male to decide what she should do with her own body, and worse give the government power over her body?
Why am I still saying a woman’s body is her court and she decides whatever she wants to do with it, in this modern year 2016?
It’s sickening that for every male feminist is 50 burned out female feminist and with the last fight in me. Let our daughters, sisters, and mothers be free in the land they have given so much of their voice and strength too.

Allow me one second to enlighten you
I am sorry I have compassion for humanity
But I am not sorry because I choose to be a part of this generation that makes the world better for the next, watch me do it proudly.
Why is it fair to write people of because of their identity, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, and the stereotypes you put against them?
Why have you decided to hold on to the ways and practices that ruined the generation before us and encouraged hatred and oppression for years?
I stand here before you on behalf of all the oppressed. The blacks, hispanics, native americans, women, hoes, the ratchets, the homosexuals, the trans, muslims, illiterates, assault victims…and more. In hopes that soon, they will be free of all form of oppression.

I have a lot more seconds of educating to do but there is only so much ignorance I can educate.
Allow me to call the hypocrisy of fellow feminists, Christians, activists and all that labels
For every time you stay silent about racial, gender, social, sexual, judicial and political oppression you put a brick on the barrier against America’s that’s been built since America was supposedly founded.
And soon, it would come crumbling down on all of us.

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