If you're anything like me, your best friends are the ones that you made during college. And if you go to Emory, chances are those same friends probably won't come from the same state that you do. This makes for an awesome college dynamic... but what happens when everyone goes home for break? I also have the problem at the other end of the spectrum where my best friends from elementary school are also in a different state. My people are scattered across the country and let me tell you it is a bit difficult.

First, your break starts with random FaceTime calls just to say hi, or to discuss a funny post. Maybe you are worried about your classes for the next semester. You turn around to tell the person that normally lives on the other side of your room only to remember they aren't there. You end up sending a ton of paragraph-long texts back and forth until the problem is solved.

Next, you end up making travel plans that you weren't expecting to make. Spontaneous lunch date with a friend that lives two hours away? No biggy. Consider it done. Spending all morning roaming around outlet malls after being rescued from the car repair shop? Sounds like a great plan to me!

Then you start planning for future adventures. Places to go, coffee shops to try, new places to study. Next thing you know you've half planned a spring break trip and have bought airline tickets for you and all your friends. May the adventures never cease.

Finally, you begin to make your PowerPoint of everything that you did over break for the inevitable debrief that you will have when you are all back on campus. What can I say, kill two birds with one stone; working on your presentation skills and efficiently catching everyone up on what you did the month that you all were apart.

So cherish your friendships, whether you are geographically close right now or not. Know that the distance will make the reunion sweeter. Also, remember that no good thing comes without some work. Let your friends know you miss them and are thinking about them. Enjoy your break because before you know it you'll be headed back to school, so I hope you have your debrief presentation ready!