How Brandy's 'Full Moon' Album Made Me Fall In Love With Music
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How Brandy's 'Full Moon' Album Made Me Fall In Love With Music

I'm forever grateful that this album exists.

How Brandy's 'Full Moon' Album Made Me Fall In Love With Music

We don't talk about singer Brandy as much as we should, nor do we acknowledge all that she's done in her career.

She was the first black Cinderella in 1997, was the lead of her own TV sitcom for six consecutive seasons, had her own line of Brandy dolls, and won a Grammy Award for her biggest hit to date, "The Boy Is Mine". There's a lot of things Brandy has done for the culture.

If people were to ask me why I love music so much, I would probably spend more than an hour explaining why this album had such an impact on me.

The day I fell in love with music was the day I first listened to Brandy's 2002 album 'Full Moon'. When the album was first released, I was only three years old and I didn't get to fully grasp all the album had to offer until I was older. My family knew I was a big fan of Brandy, and I remember having to ask my grandmother who had the album if I could have it. I basically took it just to listen to the album almost every day.

When this album was first released, critics were ambivalent towards the overall direction and production of the album. Over time, it became widely appreciated by many fans, fellow artists and producers in the music industry. It's just so obvious that 'Full Moon' was the blueprint to how music sounded in the early 2000s.

Take the album's lead single "What About Us" as an example:

Brandy - What About Us? (Official Video)

Production-wise, 'Full Moon' was way ahead of its time; producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins added this futuristic atmosphere and hard-hitting production reminiscent of the late Aaliyah. On each song, it worked so well and every song felt cohesive.

Not only was the production so edgy and bizarre for a contemporary R&B album, but Brandy's vocals as well. Every Brandy fan like myself knows that she is a vocal beast, or what many call her "the vocal bible". Her vocals in general are amazing, but on this particular album is where she shines the most.

Her ad-libs, layered vocals, harmonies, techniques and runs are so memorable, and that's what makes a great album to me. One of her strongest songs on the album vocally is "I Thought", where she confronts her lover for mistreating her despite her loyalty. I personally felt just how she felt from her vocal delivery alone.

Brandy - I Thought

On 'Full Moon', Brandy explores the perks and disadvantages of love, sensuality, and spirituality, and the songwriting on the album truly encouraged me to become a songwriter myself.

This album is truly an inspiration to me because I studied this album like a school subject. If you hear me singing every song from this album with my entire strength, you'll know why.

Overall, this album has been therapeutic for me, especially during this time of being in quarantine. I left Penn State spring semester on a bad note with people and this album has been the remedy to trying to get over those issues. However, 'Full Moon' is Brandy's strongest album to date and such a classic piece of work.

If you are into R&B or interested in music to listen to during quarantine, now's your chance!

Check out the album below!

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