Although we are all searching the web for those one of a kind gifts, spending hundreds of dollars to please the people we love, and going above and beyond to find the perfect present, we are easy to forget to give back and being conscious of our shopping habits. After all, they don't call it, The Giving Season for nothing. Buying gifts can be stressful, hands down. So why not buy something that puts some good into the world. Here are some fashion brands that you can benefit buying from this gift giving season!

Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is a brand all about EQUALITY. They are mostly known for their amazing leggings made out of... get this... RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES! How freaking cool right?! With awesome quality you can purchase their one of a kind leggings for $68 in all the colors and styles you can image. Who doesn't love leggings??

Marine Layer

Marine Layer on Instagram: “New arrivals are here, people. Check out the site for new stuff to get you through the weird in-between season. #linkinbio”

Marine Layer carries guys, girls, and kids clothing for everyone on your list this year. They are known for their unique fabric and super soft t-shirt material. They have those 'must haves' for everyone's closet. This year they are starting up a RE SPUN program. If you donate up to 5 shirts from your closet, and send them in, Marine Layer will offer you $5 credit for every shirt donated! This means up to $25 to go towards your gifts, or something for yourself ;) After these shirts are donated, they are respun into new yarn to create NEW items. The average American throws away 80 pounds of clothes every year, so why not make it into something new?


Everlane isn't big on trends, but they are big on giving you the highest quality product. This fashion brand carries both men's and women's amplified bassics. All their items are produced in ethically sound factories. Everlane is dedicated to creating the highest quality product, along with creating it in a place that they can take pride in. Although their prices are on the higher end, their designs will last a lifetime. Purchasing from Everlane can reassure that your items were made with love, and will spread the love :)

Project Social T

Based out of LA, Project Social T has everything from cute graphic tee's to trendy sweaters for every season. Every quarter, Project Social T partners with four organizations. At the end of the quarter they donated $5k to their programming so they can continue their amazing acts! Every item they sell has a special tag so you know which organization you supported with your purchase. Now THAT'S giving back!

Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent is a brand new company, founded in 2018. They carry all your must haves for the women on your list.

You guessed right, Ninety Percent donated 90 FREAKIN PERCENT of their proceeds to a charity of YOUR CHOICE. Now that sounds crazy right? Here's the break down: 80% will be shared with causes, 5% with those who make the clothes, and 5% with those who run the brand.

What's even better is that YOU get to pick the charity! Each item you purchase will come with a special code, enter that code online at, and chose out of the charities given. That's putting the power in your hands. Yes, these items are a little on the spendy side, but remember, quality over quantity this holiday season.

There are so many more amazing fashion outlets out there that are DO GOOD companies. Who does't love clothes for Christmas? All these options and more should be your new go to for all your gift giving, and maybe even treat yourself needs. Happy shopping :)