Why My Boyfriend Is The Best Boyfriend

I think my boyfriend is better than yours and I am not afraid to say it-

He would do absolutely anything for me, regardless of what it is. No matter if it is big or small I know that he is somebody that I can always count on. I have watched my friends commit to awful relationships with awful people who do awful things to them.

My boyfriend would never say anything to break my confidence (and yours shouldn't either!) The smallest things mean the most and sometimes that is forgotten, it is not about the gifts you get or how many times a week you go out. It really is the thought that counts. It may be watching Elf in July- even though I've already watched it like 7 times this year, or just supporting everything that I do, when I don't feel like I can (or want) to do it anymore. It is okay that I shed my hair all over him and everything that he owns... even if I have never touched it, looked at it, and didn't even know that it existed, but somehow my hair is all over everything, no matter what.

I never wake up without a goodnight text from the night before and I never leave my house without being told to "drive safe". Thank you for always opening all the doors for me because they are really heavy and I am really small (I could do it, I don't want to do it). For driving me back and forth from school because I can't have my car...and also for driving everywhere else (because you don't trust my driving anyways).

For supporting my (slightly unusual??) love for superheros and Netflix TV shows.

But thank you the most for reading everything that I write, for being my best friend, and having my back no matter what.

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