Hey Kiddo,

I sat down today to write you a letter full of advice and cliches and overly-flowery language. I imagined you'd be taking my words to heart at every life stage. You don’t need that. You don’t need any of that because you’re so much wiser than I am and you haven’t been here half a decade yet. You seem to have the best answers kid.

Currently, you answer, “OvCowse” to everything (which should be translated to “Of Course” for those not fluent in toddler talk). In toddler talk, if you don’t have at least one W in every phrase you’re doing it wrong!

Last night, watching you color a pirate ship rainbow and an ocean purple, I couldn’t help but grin at how magical your worldview is. The only boundaries that exist are those within your imagination. In the two hours we played, you lived as a rock star, train conductor, famous painter, and break-dancer.

The moment your favorite song began to play you jumped on your feet turning a toy clapper into a microphone and turning your playroom into Madison Square Garden. We didn’t have any trains on hand so you turned a bundle of colored pencils into a 12-car locomotive. After the before-mentioned pirate ship coloring session, you held your pencil above your head and announced your newest creation would soon be on the fridge.

You had me help you sign the piece and tuck it away to show mom. Lastly, you didn’t bother with the fact that there was no music playing when you wanted to show off your best dance moves. You had the most fantastic time dancing to nothing and laughing the entire time.

Baby Boy, you have such an inexplicable light. Every person that meets you can’t help but smile. I’ve seen the grumpiest people in a room melt when you say hello. I know that is partially because you’re adorable, but it is also in large part due to the overwhelming kindness you are made up of.

You are inherently vulnerable. I know that is beyond scary to all who love you, especially your parents, but it is also so beautiful it could honestly bring me to tears.

You have not been hurt in the ways the world hurts us.

You still trust in grown-ups and give unlimited hugs.

You cannot begin to comprehend how desperately I wish for you to stay that way.

This is, in essence, a thank you letter. When you’re old enough I hope you read this and laugh at your silly toddler antics and understand why they are so special. OH! If you really are reading this as a teenager I have some things I need you to do for me really quick.

  1. Tell your mom you love her and thank her for all she does to support you.
  2. Hug your dad and thank him just the same.
  3. Take a deep breath and remember how beautiful life is.
  4. Dance around in your pjs to some classic rock and channel your inner 4-year-old.

I love you so so much kiddo. That is all.

Stay Joyful,

Your Favorite Babysitter (obviously)