8 Reasons Boston Rob is THE Best Survivor Player To Walk The Earth
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8 Reasons Boston Rob is THE Best Survivor Player To Walk The Earth

Besides being a fellow Red Sox fan, the man was seriously good at strategy.

8 Reasons Boston Rob is THE Best Survivor Player To Walk The Earth

One of my favorite game shows to watch is Survivor. Something about watching a bunch of people try to make fire, catch fish, and get along with each other while trying to beat each other to win money is good TV. In the history of the show, many players have made names for themselves through different aspects of their game, but there is one who rises above them all: Boston Rob. Say what you want about him, but he is the BEST player Survivor has ever seen, hands down, and here are the reasons.

1. He played Survivor four times

Boston Rob was the first person to play four times, and since then, only three other players have matched his record. Playing so many times gave him a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the game.

2. He was a physical beast in challenges

Jessica Theroux

In his four seasons, he had a total of 23 tribal wins and 17 individual wins. While not all of these challenges were physical, most of them do include some physical component. He's athletic, a competitor, and he proved that he was worth keeping around his tribe.

3. He's hilarious

Jessica Theroux

It's always more interesting to watch players who don't take themselves (or the game) too seriously. Boston Rob was always very blunt and never hesitated to say exactly what he thought. His commentary on the game and his fellow players made it fun to watch, especially because he usually said what everyone was thinking.

4. He's a Sox fan

I'm a Boston fan. He's a Boston fan. 'Nuff said.

5. He knew how to play the social game


Just as important as being able to win physical challenges, knowing how to play the social game can make or break your chances in Survivor. You have to know how to manage keeping secrets and keeping relationships as you get closer to the end. Boston Rob knew how to use his charisma to keep people on his side and get him farther in the game.

6. He aligned himself with the right people


Relationships take you through the game of Survivor. The alliances players make can determine if they make it to the final tribal council. Boston Rob surrounded himself with people who had his back and stayed true to their alliances. Also, throughout the game, players have to consider who they would like to take to the end with them. Rob was very smart in thinking about taking people he knew the jury wouldn't vote for, maximizing his chances of receiving votes.

7. He was a great leader

Jessica Theroux

Boston Rob was a natural leader. He took charge of his tribes, pulling through for them with his experience and strategy. He knew how to set up shelters, search for immunity idol clues, and boost tribe morale, making him a vital member of the game.

8. He learned from his mistakes

Jessica Theroux

Out of the four times he played, Boston Rob only made it to the final tribal council twice; of those, he only won once. Each time he played the game, he made better decisions, thought farther ahead, and played an overall better game. On his final season, he walked away with the million and the title of sole Survivor. If that isn't growth, I don't know what is.

Disagree with me if you want, but nothing will change my mind. Boston Rob was enjoyable to watch in every season he played. I loved watching him fall in love with Amber on the All-Star season, I rooted for him when he was labeled as a villain on Heroes vs. Villains, and I screamed for him when he finally won Redemption Island. Boston Rob deserves the highest praise for his time on Survivor.

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