Boston On A Budget
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Boston On A Budget

If you love traveling then you need some tips on saving in big cities!

Boston On A Budget

Traveling is a huge passion of mine and I know I am not alone. Reality is most people really want to do more traveling but the biggest issue we all have is money honey! Since, I am still in school I am always looking for fun creative things to do while not breaking the bank. This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Boston. I live just about an hour away from Boston but fall in love with the city each time I go. Here are some ways you can travel to Boston or in your local big city and save big!

1. Explore local spots

If you have friends that live in the big city ask them what places they go to on their lunch breaks. There are usually a hand full of little places that many people don't know about. You can even look at particular places you think that a city would have like, a rooftop gardens.

—In BOS: Check out The Lawn on D, near the Seaport area, it’s a fun spot with giant glowing swings, ping pong etc. and its all free but only open for part of the year. But if you are just walking around Newbury St, check out cool stores that may have fun things that you might not even think would be there. Theres a little store call Kit Ace which has fashion designers making clothes in the store and a ping pong table.

2. Shop in unique stores

Find out stores that are only available at that city.

—In BOS: We have a great store called Primark. They have the cheapest clothes ever!!!!! I went into the city and felt a little chilly so I went in and bought a turtleneck for $8! Thats super cheap!

3. Pack it all up

Going to a big city may mean that you could have many little issues. Therefore, bring things that you may need to save you money and stress.

—In BOS: Pack up water bottles, even snacks and keep it in the car then just park your car in a central location and there whenever you need something. Also, pack up make up and cosmetic things to freshen up through out the day.

4. Coffeeshop dinner:

If you manage to pack enough food and water then you probably will not need to go out to eat a ton. So, if you have the Starbucks app and you collect all those stars to get a free drink and buy a snack to share then go home for an actually dinner meal and wont have to spend more.

—In BOS: If you like Starbucks then you are going to love George Howell coffeeshop in downtown. It has a fancy but yet welcoming vibe to it and the people there are super friendly.

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