The Struggle Of Being A Boston Fan In The Big Apple
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The Struggle Of Being A Boston Fan In The Big Apple

Your environment influences your mindset. Your associations affect your success. And where you go forms who you become.

The Struggle Of Being A Boston Fan In The Big Apple
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I have lived in New York my whole life yet have been corrupted into being a Boston fan ever since I was born when my parents dressed my sister and me in Red Sox, Bruin and Patriot clothing.

My dad wasn't always a Red Sox Fan. He grew up in Long Island, New York as a Yankees fan yet going to camp every year in Massachusetts changed his view on sports teams. Like my parents had a huge influence on me, his friends and environment had a huge influence on him.

Of course, it is never easy growing up in New York and routing for their biggest rival. On jersey days in school, I always wore Boston Red Sox jerseys and people would come up to me and give me hate for it. They always asked why, but when I say because my parents are Boston fans they would leave me alone.

You could imagine how interesting it is going to Yankee Stadium in a Red Sox shirt. My family and I always get booed at and told to go back to Boston, but little do they know that we are actually from New York. People take sports so seriously too, so it is funny when we get yelled at because it isn't a joking yell, it is a real yell.

We are also huge Bruin fans and love going to Ranger games at Madison Square Garden. We get really good seats too and are surrounded by Ranger fans. I love when the Bruins score and the crowd is silent beside my dad and me who scream at the top of our lungs and clap as loud as we can to be obnoxious.

The best part is going to Ranger games when they aren't playing the Bruins yet wearing a Bruins shirt and cheering as loud as we can when the opposing team scores. People really hate on us then because we don't even like the team we are rooting for.

My best friend growing up was a big Rangers fan and we would argue about sports all the time. She would get mad every time I went to a Ranger game and they weren't playing the Bruins because I would boo her favorite team. It is amusing how crazy people get at sports games. One time at a Ranger game, a fan sitting behind my family told us to go back to Boston and when he heard we are from New York he was shocked and told us we aren't real New Yorkers.

The New England Patriots are one of the best football team out there so everyone hates them and say that they "cheat" because they are better than every other team. Most people hate Tom Brady, but it isn't his fault that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the world and the only player to win five Super Bowls playing for one team.

I remember in my Sociology sports class that my professor asked the class what our favorite football team is. The majority of the class said anyone but the Patriots because they "cheat". I just laugh when I hear that because football fans are just mad that they are one of the best football teams in the world. Then when I told my professor that I am a Patriots fan, his jaw dropped because he knows I am from New York.

I love being unique and rooting for a team that is different from my peers. It makes me happy when people are shocked or say something to me about it because my views will never change. I will always be a huge Boston fan because that is just who I am and who I was raised to be.

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