Why Boris Johnson Is The Next Best Prime Minister
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Why Boris Johnson Is The Next Best Prime Minister

He may suggest that he has a greater chance of finding Elvis on Earth than becoming Prime Minister, but this man is perfect for the job.

Why Boris Johnson Is The Next Best Prime Minister

Alexandra Boris Johnson: the lovable, humorous Mayor of London who brings some entertainment to the dull world of politics. This unique politician could be the next leader of the UK and the conservative party, negotiating deals with the Obamas, Putins and Hu Jintaos of the world. With the best haircut in Westminster and a somewhat anything-goes comedian attitude…I think this guy would be the perfect candidate.

But it would be false to say that everyone agrees with me — many people think Boris would be an awful candidate to represent a great country. He is the laughingstock of the political world (so much so that a short trailer of Boris Gump was released...definitely worth a watch)!

Here are my reasons why Boris Johnson is the man:

He can shoot hoops like Michael Jordan.

Boris was asked to help promote the NBA and basketball as a sport in London, and as always, he delivered in his own special way. I would like to see him try that shot again…

He has the best bowl haircuts you have ever seen.

Boris Johnson’s hair has its own website and blogs — it really is a true star in its own right. The best part is, when Boris would be sitting amongst a large crowd at the United Nations conferences, you could spot him from a mile away. It is ideal!

Boris looks dashing in his Wimbledon tennis whites.

Taking over from Andy Murray, his facial expressions and grunts on the court could give Serena Williams' tennis noises some competition.

He could give the 'Stig' a run for his money on "Top Gear."

When Boris appeared on the hit TV show, "Top Gear," his lap around the race track was so slow it tended to mirror his plans for London transport. He dawdled around the track making all sorts of faces before finally crashing onto the green.

He swears like an ordinary person.

Boris headed to Bristol to support a conservative constable and was met by some strong Anti-Tory supporters. He laughed them off, but it all got a bit too much so he shouted back at them: "lefty t*ssers…" That's right, Boris — say it how it is!

One of his main quotes is: "The dreadful truth is that when people come to see their MP they have run out of better ideas."

I think this is a great, down-to-earth and honest quote from a politician. We need more individuals like Boris!

He can drink a lot!

Boris boasts he can "drink an awful lot at lunchtime" and still do his work effectively. He (and many others, I would think) admires Churchill for being able to drink whiskey for breakfast, have a boozy lunch, and then continue on to the evening. Here here, Boris, what is so bad about a beer...or four at lunchtime? Cheers!

And he has even tried drugs...

On his Room 101 (BBC TV Show) interview, Boris admits to smoking weed, whilst puffing a cigar and wearing a fez...

He has mastered everyone's favorite dance...The Dad dance.

Who doesn't love a good Dad dance at a wedding? Boris has got it down to a fine art — making him all the more lovable. Hopefully, he will be dancing like this into Number 10 Downing Street.

Boris Johnson tackles like a beast in soccer.

When Boris was playing in the "friendly" charity soccer game, England vs Germany (if that can ever be friendly), he charged like a Spanish bull that just saw red! Undoubtedly the crowd's favorite, he got that ball — although he took the German ex-international as well...

He is even pretty good at rugby!

Boris puts in a great tackle when playing rugby…against 7-year-olds...

And finally, he can gracefully swing on a zip wire!

Some say this clip stole the show at the Olympics. Boris straps up into his harness on the zip wire, waving his British flag, making us all proud to be British, but then gets stuck. It was at this point, as Boris dangled midair, that I knew this guy was the best person for the Prime Minister job.


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