5 Reasons You Should Have A Bonfire This Summer
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5 Reasons You Should Have A Bonfire This Summer

Bonfires are the best way to celebrate summer!

5 Reasons You Should Have A Bonfire This Summer

As summer approaches, idling students search for cheap and fun entertainment. While going to the movies, bowling, and laser tag are worthwhile, one summer activity seems to soar above the rest; bonfires. Here are five reasons why summer bonfires are fun, cheap, and addictive in the summer.

1. S'mores.

Chewy sugar-filled marshmallows, cooked to golden perfection, squished between two graham cracker halves with melted Hershey's chocolate in between; this is a summary of the perfect summer dessert. I personally recommend replacing the original Hershey's milk chocolate bar with a Reese's peanut butter cup (for those peanut butter lovers out there). Bonfires allow snack-lovers of all ages to enjoy toasty warm and gooey marshmallows, a treat that is both delectable, and irresistible in its simplicity.

2. Bonfires can be extremely inexpensive.

I find that in a large group of friends, someone is bound to have a fire pit, or live on a beach or open area where flames are allowed and encouraged. If anything, local camp sites often have fire-pits available for use. Be sure to check for burn-bans, but if you are in the clear then dry wood, newspaper, and a lighter is all you'll need to get the party started (but lighter-fluid can also be a useful instrument when starting the fire).

3. Experience the great outdoors.

Like any millennial, I simply do not take advantage of the great outdoors, but bonfires allow me and my friends to gather, star-gaze, joke around, and relax with the comfort of a cozy and warm fire. Sitting around a bonfire is also a great late-night activity, as many fun go-to places close early or have limited hours. As long as it isn't raining, bonfires are an easy substitute for any movie or arcade.

4. Roast away!

While s'mores are delicious, they are incredibly sweet, and bonfires allow us to test out our cooking skills over the open flame. Hotdogs and bratwursts are common fire-roasting meals, simple and delicious BBQ food to accompany the outdoorsy-environment. But I encourage you to try roasting other snacks and see how they taste; for instance, my family once tried roasting pork pot-stickers over the fire, they turned out delicious and crispy, without the added calories from the deep-fryer. The sky is the limit when roasting dinner over a bonfire; take advantage of it!

5. There is something meaningful about bonfires.

Lastly, there is something reminiscent and wonderful about bonfires. I cannot put a word on it, but there is simply something magical and fun about sitting around a fire, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying snacks, and basking in the fresh air. Telling stories, laughing at jokes, playing silly games, and spending quality time with one another, there is no greater feeling than that. I'm speaking honestly when I say that the memories you make at bonfires are the ones you will never forget.

So the next time you or your buddies are stumped with the "what should we do tonight" question, keep having a bonfire in the back of your mind. It's definitely worth trying.

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