Love him or hate him, Bojack is one of the most relatable characters in the history of television. Especially for college students. I know every college student will be able to relate to at least one point on this list, so here are 13 times Bojack was all of us:

1. The instant regret you feel after eating a whole box of muffins, or a whole bag of chips, or a whole pizza, or... you get the idea

2. "Hey wanna go to the gym?" "Sure!" 10 minutes into the workout:

3. When that one roommate you ~really~ hate calls you their roommate

4. When your family gives you the "responsibility" talk

5. Break downs have become a regular part of your routine

6. "I'm going to be productive this week!"

7. Trying to get yourself to study looks a lot like this:

8. And when you ultimately fail your exam and try to blame anyone but yourself

9. When you have 27 hours of homework to do by tomorrow but your friends ask you to go out

10. This literally needs no caption

11. How you feel after, quite honestly, every single night out

12. During your third all nighter of the week at the lib

13. And, the biggest mood of all, how we all feel after finals week

Thanks, Bojack for perfectly representing how I feel as a college student on a daily basis.