Step off the scale

Every day is something different. I will be on top of the world one day and happy about myself but as soon as aI slip up I act like the world is going to end because I had Ice-cream or the mirror isn't flattering. I would tell myself that I wasn't good enough, and with that doubt, in mind, I would stop eating healthy and good meals and just continue to spend money and eat out because what was the point of trying if after this one time I thought I didn't look "good." Well, news flash I am dumb and had a wake-up call with myself.

You are worth so much more than what the number is on the scale. I made a promise to myself to try and not look at the scale, don't worry about the number there, the only thing that truly matters is when I look in the mirror and if I am happy with myself. I know when I feel good with myself, I like working out, I don't enjoy sitting in my bed all day because I just feel myself not being happy and when I get stressed out I stress eat or stress snack is what I call it and then with the bad eating comes the breakouts on my face.

Nobody likes breakouts on their face, well nobody that I know anyway. It's one of the things that annoy me, I can always feel when they are coming and I try to do everything to avoid it. My face is going to break out and I have come to that. I am going to have stressful days, I am in college and I have come to that conclusion. I can not control everything that is thrown my way but I do know the way I handle things is in my control and I have developed habits that change my attitude towards things.

Being a negative Nancy about everything will not help you and nobody will want to help you. You need to get off your butt, wipe off the hot Cheeto dust (if you know me you know why this is funny ) and pull yourself together. Laying around doing nothing is not helping you get anywhere with your life and as good as a Wendy's burger might sound, you have to switch it up and eat something better at home that you can make yourself.

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