Blue Ivy Was The True Winner Of The 2017 Grammys
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Blue Ivy Was The True Winner Of The 2017 Grammys

Beyonce Stole The Show... But Her Daughter Was The Real Star

Blue Ivy Was The True Winner Of The 2017 Grammys
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If you watched the Grammy’s this year, you probably saw Beyoncé absolutely SLAY her performance dedicated to motherhood. Everyone was so enamored by her, completely in awe of her presence—the excitement in the air was evident for the impending birth of her twins. Although all eyes were on her belly and all minds were on the babies, the real show-stopper was her oldest child, 5-year-old Blue Ivy.

The show started off with a mediocre “Carpool Karaoke” performance in which a variety of celebrities joined in to sing Neil Diamond’s classic hit “Sweet Caroline.” Seeing that the celebrities chosen were not living up to their best artistic abilities, Blue took it upon herself to save the sad act.

(you can do yourselves a favor and skip to 1:04, where Blue graces us with her presence)

As the show progressed, she revealed even more of what made her the true star. Further analysis of her Grammys ensemble provided us with pink Prince vibes. Just a kindergartner, Blue is already showing signs of recognizing and emulating icons. Wearing a Gucci suit rumored at over $3,000 and rocking a diamond-encrusted kitty purse, she is already becoming a style icon in her own right.

Credit: Billboard

Credit: Life & Style

She also proved that in all of the BeyHive, she is her mom's biggest fan. After her mom's aforementioned incredible performance, cameras panned to her and her doting dad Jay Z, and their reactions were priceless.

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After her mom accepted the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, she took to cheering for her, jumping up and down and clapping. In this moment , Blue represented not only how much she knew her mom slayed all of our lives, but how much love she has for her mama.

Blue is literally all of us
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Her mom wasn't the only star she had the honor of gracing with her loving presence. In this moment , she preciously tells "The Late Late Show" host and host of the night's Grammys James Corden that she watches him on her iPad.

Here, she is looking out for Nick Jonas' best interests, knowing that what he is drinking is certainly not her mom's Lemonade, and he has certainly already had enough of whatever it is.

Credit: Getty Images

She also had another encounter with one of her biggest fans, Rihanna, who she gets annual visits from at this point. Rihanna cannot get enough of the princess ' presence...

2015 Grammy Awards

Credit: PopSugar

2017 Grammy Awards

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The only person who ruled the Grammys more than Queen Bey herself was her own daughter... #BlueIvySlays

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