Looking for the hottest trends in tomorrows fashion? Trying to find a blog unique to all the rest? What about inspiration to follow your dreams and passions? Look no further than notbasicblonde.com! Run by the powerful Olyasha, it is a one stop shop for everything fashion while offering more than your typical basic blog. What goes around comes around, always pay it forward, and stay persistent with a strong work ethic are key components to success in which Olyasha has set as her guiding principles to her personal and professional life. She draws inspiration from the book "The Secret", which explains the laws of attraction which steers her in the right direction for bother her personal life and professional career. She also draws inspiration from the creators of Instagram, creating a platform that allows millions to share with millions ideas, businesses, and life styles which she uses as a vehicle to push her company in to success. Olyasha is well on her way to reaching her dreams of having her own reality show in which she plans to help people whether it be with fashion or lifestyle, but with philanthropic ventures as well.

Since a very young age, Olyasha has always had a passion for the world of fashion, stemming from a special bond between her and her mother. As a young girl, her mother would dress her in the latest trends of clothing getting her in trouble at school. This is when she knew the basic 9-5 was something that would hold her back. At the age of 13 she began to sell cosmetics, and just a year later graduated from modeling school to begin her life long career. After high school, Olyasha attended Georgia State University where she got a degree in Managerial Sciences in which she took the tools and skill gained there to start a successful IT project. Turning her hobby into a career, she created the blog 'notbasicblonde' where she discusses trends and tips in fashion, collaborates with large brands in fashion and cosmetics, and markets her products to her fans and clients. Currently Olyasha manages 5 employees and is always engaging with her community on social media as well as with companies and brands to collaborate or create marketing content for.

Typically, a day in the life of your not so basic blonde, begins early in the morning around 7:00am, by working on her lap top interacting with her followers, fans, and clients then creating content and working with brands. Following that she will manage her employees to help grow her brand and venture into new projects and engage with new companies, followed by photo shoots and marketing content creation. Once the business agenda is complete Olyasha works out at the gym for a few hours. To end the day she reads magazines, researches trends and future fashion, clothing, and cosmetics, as well as taking online classes to grow her skill set and eventually venture into her career goal of having her own reality television show. Olyahsa believes that what goes around comes around so by working hard and spreading positivity success is sure to be on its way back to her. For anyone looking to get in a similar industry or any for that matter, she has a few pieces of advice to help get through the rough trenches of a company startup phase. Olyasha's five tips to succeed are; it is going to take a lot of time and effort, remember to stay patient, learn negotiating and sales skills for it will prove to be useful, sell yourself, and make sure you are always researching and reading to make sure you have the edge over your competition and are current with the changes and trends within your respective industry.