Blast To The Past: 12 Wonderful Online Childhood Computer Games
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Blast To The Past: 12 Wonderful Online Childhood Computer Games

If you don't know, you're too young.

Blast To The Past: 12 Wonderful Online Childhood Computer Games
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Remember when we had a rainy day at school during the elementary years? The recess bell meant a surge of children running to the computers to compete at some awesome games, from websites like and The lucky kids who nabbed a computer were surrounded by their classmates who egged them on but secretly wished the computer kids would hurry up and lose so they, too, could have a turn. Now that we all have our own laptops, take a trip down memory lane and give another go to just a few of the many wonderful games that made up our childhood (with the exception of poor Club Penguin).

Tipton Trouble

Tipton Trouble is a classic game from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in which you must put up all the posters for their mom's concert and avoid getting caught by characters like Maddie or Mr. Moseby. Goin' up! Don't' forget about the epic Pizza Party Pickup game! Play Tipton Trouble here:

Moshi Monsters

Create your own Moshi Monster and tickle it or take it on an adventure as an ice cream scooper. You can customize your house and interact with friends. My Moshi Monster's name is TickleFairy438! Bet you can't come up with a weirder name. Make your own monster here:


Ah, the wonderful world of Poptropica: so many games and so many choices. You can make your own character (and it can be up to 15 years old, but we all know the site has a bunch 20 year olds reliving their childhoods) and go on adventures, and your ultimate goal to complete the games on each island. The link is short and sweet:


This game is tricky because the player must manipulate the block so that it goes into the slot -- without letting the block fall off the edges and before accumulating too many moves. Bloxorz can be frustrating but it's really rewarding when you figure out all the tricks involved...sometimes you have to hit the hammer on the head to get it to work...(hint, hint). Try it out here:


If you owned a Webkinz in the flesh, then you knew. This virtual world allows you to make an entire home for your pet(s) and you can buy whatever you desire -- a game room, 5 kitchens, 2 bedrooms, a garden. And, of course, don't forget to check out the arcade and rack up some Smoothie Moves! If you remember your information, you might have some luck but otherwise you might need to buy a webkinz to access the site:

Line Rider

A game of creativity and problem-solving, Line Rider provides you with a blank slate in which you can draw a race track for your sledder -- no rules and unlimited tries. Be careful, though. One wrong twist or jump and your sledder could fall off of his sled into a white abyss or be decapitated. I challenge you to make a track with at least 3 loops! Take the challenge here:

Club Penguin (R.I.P.)

When Club Penguin died, it was like the end of an era. No more chat room and saying dorky things to anyone who would reply or returning to your igloo at the end of a long day. No more Music Jam or Adventure Party. Club Penguin, you are missed and your successor, Club Penguin Island, is just not the same.

Bouncing Balls

Can't you just feel the anticipation of that weight dropping on you because you didn't clear all the balls in time?? A classic rainy day game, Bouncing Balls requires you to hit the ball under the weight with a ball from the gun (the arrow-looking thing at the bottom) of the same color. Beat the clock or you're screwed, man. Check the game out here:

Check out Cool Math Games for other hits like Ninja Painter, Gluey, Parking Mania, and Bloons!

Acne Popper Game

Okay, I admit, this was probably not your go-to game as a child, and there's a good chance you've never heard of it until now. I couldn't resist putting this game in here because I got (and get) a kick out of it since it's so satisfying! Try and pop all this poor sap's pimples before time runs out! Use the Mega Splat button if you're in a crunch. Play here:


A mass field of cubes. Two controls, the left and right arrows. One battleship. Who will be the victor, your battleship or the mighty cubes? Just don't hit the cubes or you're done for. I have to warn you, this game is extremely addictive. Play at your own risk here:

625 Sandwich Stacker

WATCH OUT! Don't let the moldy cheese or the fish skeleton hit your sandwich! Or the old shoe. Or the old sauce. But do be sure to rack up those delicious, fresh ingredients as high as you can before finishing off your sandwich with a nice, toasty slice of bread. Also highly addictive. Enjoy:

American Girl Pet Grooming Studio

A classic associated with the beloved American Girl Doll store, the mission of this game is to clean as many pets as possible before the timer is up. Tasks include bath time, brushing teeth, and clipping nails. The animation is adorable and the challenging yourself is quite fun. Get to cleaning here:

I hope you enjoy these games; don't get sucked into the internet for too long!

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