On the season finale of "The Bachelorette," Becca told Blake that he worried too much and that her relationship with Garrett was less instantaneous. First of all, it was normal for Blake in his situation competing with 27 other guys for one girl to worry and wonder if anything he had with Becca was real. That anxiousness meant that he's human, it didn't mean that he wouldn't be a great life partner. Second, Becca gave Garrett the first impression rose so how less instantaneous can their relationship really be? She said throughout the show that she could see herself marrying Blake, that he challenged her, and that they were so alike. Then who did she choose? Yep, still not Blake. We can all relate to many of the thoughts Blake had after his broken proposal. First came the hurt, and then came the healing.

1. "What did I do wrong?"

When a relationship ends, the first thing we usually ask ourselves is, "What did I do wrong?" We stumble through the past few days, wondering if we said or did the wrong thing that turned the person we loved away from us. Blake was good enough and he was exactly who Becca wanted, but she still didn't choose him. That was on her end, not his.

2. "I had always imagined that moment with me."

We all have that one ex who moves on to someone else, and then you see pictures on Instagram of them doing things together that he or she never did with you. Blake laid out his whole heart to Becca and was ready to get down on one knee, but the proposal moment that he had imagined between him and Becca ended up being Garrett's moment.

3. "Now I have to go through this all alone."

I know that most of us have had this moment. This moment when you truly realize that everything is over, that you are alone, and that you now have to figure out how to put yourself back together. You feel this hurt throughout your whole body, but you remember that you have felt like this before and you made it through once, so you can make it through again.

4. "It was as real for her as it was for me."

Sometimes we just need to know that it wasn't all in our head. We need to know that they did care, they did love us, and for a while they did want the relationship to work out as much as we did. For a while, Blake thought that it could've all been a lie or a game, but hearing Becca say that she loved him helped Blake quiet his head a little bit better.

5. "I truly hope she's found the happiness that she's looking for."

When you really love someone, you want them to be happy — even if that's not with you. Blake wishing happiness for Becca, even after she broke his heart, proves how genuine and strong of a man he really is.

6. "I know my person is still out there."

It's me, I'm your person.

This was Blake's second heartbreak. His past relationship broke him to a point where he strongly believed that he would never fall in love again. His relationship with Becca broke him again, but this time he realized that it was possible for him to fall in love again after heartbreak.

As far as I could see on The Bachelorette, Blake did everything right, and he was exactly what Becca was looking for. Her not choosing Blake, in the end, shows that we can be good enough and be everything someone wants, but he or she still might not choose us. We need to accept that and look towards better opportunities ahead.

The best part of the finale was Blake's positive outlook on love after his relationship with Becca: "The experience didn't scare me off the idea of finding love. If anything, I know just how capable of finding love, I am."

Blake, I was rooting for you. If by chance you read this, I'm very single.