The Best Black Parent Sayings

As the child of an African-American father and mother and the niece to multiply African-American aunts and uncles I have gotten a ton of advice that may sound off when you hear it as a youth but that you tuck into your heart as an adult.

1. "Everyone who smiles in ya face ain't ya friend."

2. "Do it right the first time and they won't ask you to do it the second time."

3. "You have to work twice as hard to get half of what they get."

4. "Everybody ain't suppose to get into heaven."

5."Work hard now so you don't have to do it in the future."

But black families also tell us things that just make us shake our heads.

6. "Only thing open after 11pm besides Waffle House & IHOP is legs."

7. "You got McDonald's money? I aint think so"

8. "Don't ask for nothing out this store, cause you aint getting nothing out this store."

9. "I brought you in this world and I'll take you out."

10. "When we go to this restaurant, you are 10 do you understand me? Not 14."

And though we laugh at these sayings, we realize that everyone has been told these thing so it's not that bad really. We know our parents mean the best so we go along with it knowing we'll need these saying later in life. Especially when we want to mimic them, and when we have children of our own.

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