These 17 Black-Owned Food Businesses Ship Nationwide
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These 17 Black-Owned Businesses Ship Baked Goods, Rosé, And Even Fried Chicken Nationwide

Eat your way through this country's greatest food — from your couch.

These 17 Black-Owned Businesses Ship Baked Goods, Rosé, And Even Fried Chicken Nationwide

Call it the easily bored Gemini in me, but I'm constantly looking for new food to try. Usually, travel quenches my taste for new and exciting cuisines, but given the fact that international travel is not always a possibility, I've begun exploring alternatives.

In the interest of wanting to support the Black community and Black-owned businesses, and also wanting to try some of the country's greatest food without having to get off my couch, I started off (pessimistically) doing research, only to find that the options were vast.

From vegan and gluten-free s'mores cookies to fresh collard greens and tangy hot sauces, feel free to consider this the substitute to this week's grocery list.

Sanaia Applesauce


The Shark Tank-loved brand, Sanaia has many flavors, from guava and ginger to unsweetened apple and hibiscus.

Symphony Chips


The Symphony Chips philosophy "Every bite is harmonious!" rings true with each of their distinct flavors, but my personal fave is the "smoked seasoned" one — a must-try if you're not afraid of a bit of spice.

Sweet Dames


The "BET Future 40" list-maker is famous for its lust-worthy cookie marshmallow sandwiches but Sweet Dames also makes beautifully-packaged macaroons and other seductive sweet treats, too — perfect for sending to your loved ones on their birthday.

Maya's Cookies


Welcome to plant-based paradise, Maya will be your guide. Fully vegan, Maya's Cookies range in mouth-watering flavors from classic s'mores to funfetti and a rich caramel fudge — all equally decadent.

Southern Culture Foods


Southern Culture Foods' mother-daughter founder duo makes small-batch seasonings and mixes for traditional grits, a crispy fried chicken, and pancakes that redefine what you ever thought "fluffy" meant. You can try to convince your loved ones you made the chicken from scratch, but they probably won't believe you — their seasonings are just that good.

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery


I came to vegan Southern Roots Bakery for the sinful red velvet donuts, but I stayed for cinnamon rolls — they even have a gluten-free brownie mix so you can get the fresh-baked taste at home.

Partake Cookies


Partake Foods' cookies aren't just top-eight-allergen and additive-free, they line the aisles of our beloved Target in deliciously nutritious flavors like carrot cake, ginger snap, and — my favorite — classic chocolate chip. You'll regret not buying one of each flavor.

Project Pop


Eat Project Pop was created to make healthy(ish) snacks that don't skimp on flavor — you'll be thankful when you eat the whole bag in one sitting.

McBride Sisters


The Black, family-owned McBride Sisters business does more than just my favorite Insta-primed canned drink for this summer. Their sauvignon blanc is genuinely one of the best I've tried — and it's clear every detail of the elegant brand has been thoughtfully-curated.

Hella Nuts


If you're a carnivore lusting after the burger above, prepare to be amazed. That patty's not made of meat — it's walnut meat, made by aptly-named Hella Nuts. Try out the pre-seasoned, ground walnut "meat" at your next barbecue, and it's bound to be a hit — I'll be trying their vegan spicy queso next.



As you're coming off a kettle corn, s'mores cookie, canned rosé coma, Golde's line of (delicious) superfood health supplements will walk you through your sugary daze.

Liquid Gold Cheese Sauce


The influencer-founded Liquid Gold Cheese took Instagram by storm for the fact that it actually looks like liquid gold and tastes like luxurious, creamy cheese but is, at its core, 100 percent vegan.

Iya Foods


They don't just make some of the best-priced, high-quality spices I've used in my day-to-day cooking — recently, Iya Foods has branched out into gluten-free flours like cassava that are fun to experiment with, as well.

Tubby's Taste


When you're craving buttery, sugary, homemade treats without any frills — just the traditional classics, Tubby Taste is the answer. The all-vegan bakery makes elegantly-wrapped deserts that make the perfect gift for the friend who may be living away from home.

Callaloo Box


Callaloo Box isn't your typical subscription box or online retailer — and, thank goodness for that. They specialize in Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean seasonings, delivered straight to your door if your at-home cooking has been lacking a bit of flavor.

Berhan Grains


Sourced exclusively from Africa at the highest cold stone-milled quality in a certified gluten-free facility, Berhan Grains makes the highest quality teff I use for my predominantly gluten-free family. Buckwheat-like in consistency, it works just as well for making breads and crepes as it does in cookies.

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