Every year there is always a group of people who are like, "well, why don't we have a white history month?". And I know there is probably going to be some backlash over this article, but let's talk about it anyway. First, I'll give you a little bit of background information.

Black History Month began as "Negro History Week" and was declared by Carter G. Woodson in, circa, 1926. Now some may ask, "well, why do we celebrate it?". Well, to me, a young African-American woman, I get psyched for Black History Month because, during the month, we recognize and praise all of the famous African Americans who contributed to bringing the African American culture to where we are now. We also celebrate their achievements because it's #ForTheCulture.

No, there's not a white history month, and no, there shouldn't be. Most white people are cool and everything but it's great for the black community to recognize where we came from so we can see where we're going. Now I know that there is the black-on-black crime and all of that, but as a people, we need BHM as a motivator to be better and to do better.

Now, if we take it back even farther, what with the whole "bringing over slaves" situation, it's nice to have something. SOMETHING. Yes, I went there.

Like I said, most white people are cool, but let us have this. Let us celebrate with our Dashikis and our history. Let us rejoice in the strides Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin made. All of the African American people who literally and figuratively paved the way for us, the people who invented the things we use every day, should be celebrated every day.

Think about it, how would you safely get to and from your family and job without the traffic light? Thank Mr. Garrett Morgan for safely being able to cross the road.