Not a fan of Black History Month

I believe in my own personal opinion that Black History Month should be nixed and done away with, let me explain why I hold this belief really quick before shouts of anger take over. I will lay out the few reasons for why I think this.

Double standard. There is a double standard at play that people refuse to acknowledge or just don’t want to believe, why is it there can be the BET awards, BET channel, the tv show Black-ish, Empire and all of these types of segregated media outlets that are okay and accepted but if the role is reversed it is racist and should be protested? The fact that there is a show called Black-ish is appalling not only that but within the show the mother is treated as “not black enough” because she is mixed, how is that not racist in and of itself? If there was a show called white-ish, just the name alone would be pulled from the air, yet Black-ish can get away with it: That is a double standard that needs to end.

Attention. People get mad when the color of their skin is brought up but yet they will turn the corner and do the exact same thing to someone else, whether its “Hey they are black we are family” to “White people suck” these people are just as guilty.

Why does it matter. Black people want to be recognized for their character and see them for who they are as a person, yet many times they are the ones putting the focus on their skin color. The belief that a black woman has to be proud is a false statement and something that is leading this current generation down the wrong path, why do they have to be raised to be proud? Pride comes before the fall yes? So why must we raise young black women to be proud and full of themselves? Answer is simple, you don’t there is zero reason for this to even be a thing.

Aren’t we all American.

To be a black person in today’s America is nowhere near like it was 50 years ago, I am not saying there aren’t any racists in these current times I have worked with some. But it isn’t something that black people should in a sense use as a crutch, you want to move forward and be judged by you as a person then stop bringing the focus to your color. Majority of the time no one says anything, it’s like the whole Draymond Green thing saying the owner of the New York Knicks has a slave owner mentality. That isn’t right at all, no one said anything about color or slaves and yet he just randomly spews it out of his mouth.

Black History Month should be nixed because it should be incorporated in everyday life just like the rest of hisory, it should be in every history book and to be never forgotten. It doesn’t need a separate month to recognize all the influential people in history, all it does is add to the segregation in this country. It is almost like having two separate history books, the black history and the white history, when in reality it should all be in one book together.