I've been in retail now for a little over three years. So, it's safe to say I've seen some sh*t.

I've seen customers getting mad over expired or invalid coupons, I've seen customers throwing stuff in all the wrong places, leaving their gross Starbucks cups and half-eaten pretzels on our displays—you name it, I've dealt with it.

And you know what I do about it? Nothing. Service with a smile. I'm a retail manager, so my job is to ensure that every customer who walks through the doors of my store are happy. No matter what.

That being said, I'm still a human being. And so are my fellow managers and associates. We deserve respect just like anyone else does. Unfortunately, we don't always get that. So, take this article as my plea to all you Black Friday shoppers, please remember to be respectful this holiday season—scratch that. Be respectful always.

We want to be with our families just as much as you do. We want to be at the dinner table, catching up with our loved ones, picking on our little cousins, eating ourselves into a food coma—but instead, we're at work, ensuring you're having a great shopping experience. And we're not mad about it, we chose this lifestyle. No one's forcing us to do it. We just ask you to give us the same respect we give you.

Like I said in my being kind to strangers article, there's always a nicer way to say things. Do you need something in a different size? Ask politely. You didn't like the items you tried on? Hand them to an associate so they can put it back in the right place. Your coupon didn't work? Tough noodles. It's Thanksgiving/Black Friday! Everything's on sale!

You have the choice and the ability to be a kind person at any time, so please remember that while you're shopping this holiday season.