The Black Friday Shopper

Every year Black Friday deals move closer and closer to Thanksgiving infiltrating the holiday. Let's face it at this point it might as well be called Black Thursday. The sales begin at 6 pm or earlier, and unfortunately this means that employees of these stores are most likely not celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, and that is unfortunate, and yet I among millions of others still continue to participate in this day.

I remember when I first started Black Friday shopping with my sister, it was still on Friday. We would get up and wait in line to go to stores at 3 am, and this was thrilling and did not interfere with Thanksgiving at all. As time passed stores began to open at 2 am, 12 am, 8 pm, and now we are here at 6 pm. We hear about the backlash of Black Friday and how horrible it is, and it isn't fair for those people to have to work so early. I wish it was back on friday. However I may be hypocritical but I will continue to seek out the deals that accompany this day. Why? Because it is a tradition now, and the deals are too good to pass up.

I've been going shopping with my sister on this day every year for nearly ten years and it is a day we can bond over. We always found it thrilling to stand outside in long lines, in cold temperatures, and we still talk about the memories we created. We laugh at the times when Walmart used to let people rip open shelves of movies, and when she got stuck crouching to get a video game while six months pregnant with my nephew. What can I say we have succumbed to the craziness of the crowds, but it is always something to laugh about later. It is a day I cherish because of this reason.

But let's also discuss the deals, because to be honest I'm a broke college student with minimal income. If I can go shopping on Black Friday and get my family and friends gifts that are of better quality, and more likely to be enjoyed than the inexpensive stuff I would be able to afford on a regular day, then I'll take it. Every year I've come out of Black Friday with my Christmas shopping complete, and every year my family is delighted when they open gifts to see something they might actually use. I know the holidays aren't all about gifts, but the look on people's faces when you give them a gift they really wanted is priceless.

So, if they in the corporate world decide that Black Friday should move back to an actual friday, this will be a benefit, and a move that will be for the better in keeping Thanksgiving traditions alive. However, excuse me if I still continue to participate on this day of consumerism and deals because sometimes it is too good to pass up.

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