Various Things You Will Encounter On Black Friday

Black Friday is full of deals, surprises, and full-on crazy people. If you are someone who has done it for years, or a Black Friday virgin; these are some of the things you will see amongst the madness.

The father who was dragged out and about by his wife unwillingly

The suburban soccer mom who is on her 14th cup of coffee and it’s not even Friday yet

The mom who thought it was necessary to bring her toddler out with her

The instantaneous collapse of a stand holding three dollar dvd’s

Someone eyeballing the hot deals you have in your cart that they don't

People complaining how long the line is when they willingly are out shopping

Forever no parking spots, but when you do find one, you whip it.

Workers that are sad, depressed, and give nothing but attitude because they are at work in this madness.

But then workers that are into Black Friday like no other. Calm it down.

A questionable scenario between shoppers

That moment when you question why you're out again

Someone pass out. Yep, I have seen this and it was ,in fact, a worker.

A brawl, or two.

A grandma swearing at the top of her lungs, and maybe even flipping the bird.

People praising themselves for camping out for deals for days.

When you're sweating way more than you anticipated.

Some of the rudest people you will ever encounter

You'll be picking up things you don't need, but simply because it is a good deal

And you'll leave with way more than you expected

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