5 Black Women-Owned Businesses To Support
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5 Black Women-Owned Businesses To Support In Honor Of National Black Business Month

Black-owned businesses deserve support every month, but why not go all out in celebration this August?

5 Black Women-Owned Businesses To Support In Honor Of National Black Business Month

There have always been thriving Black businesses. However, the support hasn't always been there. The month of August was chosen to highlight the beauty and excellence in support of Black entrepreneurship.

It is equally important to highlight women who are pursuing their dreams in a male-dominated field. Here is a list of 5 Black, women-owned businesses that you should look into supporting.

Mented Cosmetics


Mented Cosmetics was founded by Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller. These professional Black businesswomen fell in love with cosmetics but weren't able to fully express their creativity within the workplace through their makeup.

On a search to find the perfect nude lipstick, they struggled to find one that matched both of their skin tones. In the "Our Story" section of their website, the two explained that the line sparked after they realized the need for diversity and created their own line of cosmetics!



Hanifa is a luxury fashion brand that was created by Anifa Mvuemba in 2012. Mvuemba created the brand after deciding to leave Morgan State University, where she was pursuing a degree in fashion. In her own words she describes the brand as being:

"Inspired by a woman's journey to a life without limits, Hanifa was created. Utilizing captivating designs, bold colors and unique textures, our feminine designs illuminate natural curves. Featuring Ready-To-Wear collections for women sizes 0-20. We hold true to providing luxurious pieces for all women, at every turn of her lifestyle." If you're interested in purchasing high-quality luxury clothing I would definitely recommend supporting this brand.

Forvr Mood


Forvr Mood is a lifestyle brand created by Jackie Aina. Aina is a Nigerian-American YouTube sensation, social media influencer, makeup artist, and veteran. Forvr Mood came into existence when Aina decided to create her own self-care products after she had been promoting and creating content for other self-care businesses on her platform.

The brand is described as being a "bougie-on-a-budget haven." If you're in the mood for some new candles, or other self-care products, check out Forvr Mood today!

Beauty And Brains Apparel


Beauty and Brains Apparel was created by Brelynn Hunt. Hunt is well known for her YouTube channel, BeautyandBrains5, where she creates lifestyle content that focuses on her journey to medical school and her other interests, including pageantry.

Hunt is an HBCU grad as she earned her bachelor's degree from Spelman College. She recently graduated with her master's in physiology from North Carolina State University. The apparel brand represents the meaning behind Hunt's endeavours in inspiring women to showcase their inner and outer beauty while striving for academic excellence.

Black Girl Sunscreen


Black Girl Sunscreen was created in 2016 in Miami, Florida. The founder, Shontay Lunday, created sunscreen specifically for women of color because it doesn't leave a white cast on the skin.

Melanin-rich people often struggle with finding cosmetics, sunscreens, and many other everyday products because they don't agree with our bodies or skin types.

Lunday recognized this problem and took the initiative to create a solution. You can purchase the sunscreen on their website or in your local Target.

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