Bivisibility: Why Bisexual Myths Need to be Busted
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Bivisibility: Why Bisexual Myths Need to be Busted

Bisexuality is a very real, very valid sexual orientation.

Bivisibility: Why Bisexual Myths Need to be Busted
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Earlier this week, there was an event within the LGBT community, It is know as Bisexual Visibility Day, and is the day that brings awareness to the struggles bisexual people face day in and day out. It helps bisexual people everywhere in reaching out and spreading awareness about their identity and issues they face?

But why is this day in particularly important?

Because bisexual people in particular struggle with being recognized by society and the LGBT community as a whole.

Many ignorant things are said about them and there is a lot of misunderstanding on what bisexuality is. Here are a few ignorant statements many people say to bisexual individuals.

1. So does that mean you are like, half gay?

No. Being bisexual DOES NOT make someone gay, in fact, they are not even in the same category as gay people. Being homosexual means having exclusive attraction to the same sex and/or gender while Bisexual means attraction to two genders, Which doesn't even mean they may be attracted to someone of the same gender and/or sex.So that being said, bisexual people are NOT gay. They are bisexual, acknowledge that.

2. You are being sexually greedy!

No, Being sexually greedy means they would be stealing all the cute humans for themselves and not sharing and treating others as objects, which as far I am concerned is not in the bisexual agenda or handbook. They just want regular relationships with a person they fall in love with. Don't worry, they won't try to steal your boyfriend, if you are so worried about that, they aren't the ones that look greedy.

3. You are either gay or straight, you can't be in the middle.

Whoa Whoa Whoa. Calm down if you think this is true. What gives anyone the right to dictate over someone can or cannot fall in love with? That's right, no one but the individual themselves, Also, my main argument in defending my bi friends in this scenario is saying that feelings are completely subjective and are as different for each person as a fingerprint is. How can you say what another person feels when you are not that person? You can't. So as far as I am concerned, bisexual people can like whoever they want and shouldn't have to justify it because people try to put them in a box.

4. So does that mean you date a boy and a girl at the same time?

For some bi individuals, yes. Some bisexual people are indeed polyamorous and will be in a relationship with more than one person. Other bi individuals are monogamous, and may only date one person at a time. Either way is fine, and as long as it works for everyone involved, shouldn't be an issue.

And, my personal favorite bisexual argument:

5. You are just in denial about being gay!

Why would someone deny that they are gay by saying that they two genders? That makes no sense. Many gay individuals use this argument often because of the shame associated with being gay, but there are many different types of love, and if your argument is that a love style is based on denial, well then there are some serious issue.

Well, here are a few myths about bisexuals that I hoped I dispelled for those who may not know and want to. Just remember, if you have a friend or know someone who is bisexual, depending on how comfortable they are, it never hurts to ask if you are confused about any conceptions or ideas you have about bisexuality. It is always healthy to ask and learn, and what better way to learn about it than someone who actually lives through it?

Lots of love to all my friends out there who identify as Bi!

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