For The Girl Who Always Bites Off More Than She Can Chew

For The Girl Who Always Bites Off More Than She Can Chew

This one's for you, overachievers.


Some of my friends and family will read this title and be like, "....but you don't really do that much." The thing is, though, how can you know if you're not in my shoes?

Oh right. You can't.

I'm the person who does all of the work in group projects but never says anything about it. I'm the person who takes everybody home even when I know they won't pay me for gas. I'm the person who pays for your lunch when you "forgot" your wallet even though I know you'll never pay me back. I go overboard for birthdays when the other person might not even know when mine is. I buy really expensive gifts because I know the other person wants them, not because I can afford it.

I babysit the night before a test. I drive 45 minutes to see my Mom who didn't ask me to come, but I know will freak out in the best way, anyway. I do a lot.

The big problem is, no one is asking me to do these things. I'm not getting a grade on them or brownie points from Jesus up in heaven. Nobody pays me for the services that I choose to do of my own free will, and they shouldn't. What should be happening is realization.

I don't need to do these things every single time I see someone even slightly struggling. The fact of the matter is, everyone around me is fully grown. They can and will take care of themselves if I'm out of pocket. They don't sit around waiting for me to fix their problems or get mad when I have another obligation. I put this all on myself.

Is there great reward most of the time? Absolutely. People notice these things in you and will speak it, making you feel on top of the world. They will give you an extra squeeze at the end of every hug, and make sure to text you 'good luck' on the day of a big test you've been stressing over.

Sometimes, people don't know how to love as well as you do. They haven't ever experienced it and don't show their gratitude or admiration in the same ways. If you're like me, we've just got to learn to be okay with that.

More than this though, we need to remind ourselves that we don't always have to jump at every call and get up in the middle of the night to pick up somebody who had too much to drink. We don't have to be the one to stop studying early to go eat with our friend who doesn't want to sit alone in the dining hall. It's so important to know that it's okay to worry about you.

It's okay to get a text at 1 AM when you're fast asleep and roll over and continue slumbering. It's okay to skip a dinner with friends if you want to be alone and watch your favorite old movie. It's okay to cancel plans that you weren't looking forward to because you're stressed and need to take a nap.

It's okay to say no.

It'll be really foreign at first and you might feel this guilt that you can't control. But, I promise it will go away. Your mental health matters, too and if you've surrounded yourself with the right people, they won't just understand, but they'll encourage it.

Make sure you take a breather sometimes. You deserve it.

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Dr. Michael Hart in London, Ontario Describes How to Live with Intention Rather Than Go with the Flow

When you live with intent, you are a doer. You make things happen instead of waiting for life to surprise you and work toward your aims to create the lifestyle you want.


Few people live with intention. Some set goals occasionally. They might go on a diet or aim to give up smoking for instance. The rest of the time they meander through life and are at the mercy of its tides. When you live with intent, you are a doer. You make things happen instead of waiting for life to surprise you and work toward your aims to create the lifestyle you want.

Intentional living is important because it helps you lead a full existence in line with your objectives and values. It's easy to sit back and let life take the reins. When you do, though, you might reach the end of your life and find you haven't done what you longed to do.

Dr. Michael Hart in London, Ontario takes a holistic approach to healthcare and has helped hundreds of patients find relief from ailments where traditional treatments fell flat. "Things are never just going to fall into place, that's a recipe for disaster. If you do that, other people are going to decide what you want, and they'll probably take advantage of you. You need be self-aware and live with intention. You need to create the life that you deserve, it's not going to be created for you," stated Dr. Hart.

Here's how to bring more intention and focus to the fore.

Know what you want

You must first know what you want before you live with intention. Consider the life you wish to lead in ten years. What do you hope to have learned by then? Can you picture your future self? How is the future you different to the present you?

Dr. Hart affirmed, "You have to explore to know what you want. You have to try different things. Trying new things and discovering that you don't like them is part of the process, it's not a setback. Sometimes knowing what you don't want can also be helpful. You might be spending too much doing things that you don't even enjoy."

Once you understand what you desire, you can build steps to your goals. If you imagine you'll have a huge social circle in ten years, for instance, consider the steps it takes to gain more friends and move in the right direction. Likewise, if you imagine you have greater success in your career, ask yourself what it will take to develop your skills and reach your aim.


Creating intentions might not be hard. Sticking to them will be tricky, though, unless you are mindful. When you've repeated actions that help you reach your targets often, they will become second nature to you. Until that time, however, you must be mindful of them.

You might aim to be fit and healthy, for instance, but forget to exercise daily. Or you may eat unhealthy foods because the importance of not doing so hasn't taken root in your mind. The way around the problem is to engage in chosen activities at similar times of the day or evening. The clock is then your cue to inch toward your goals.

It's essential to also mindful of your emotional state. "Sit with your emotions. Emotions are not good or bad, they are neutral. Don't get depressed about being depressed or angry about being angry. Humans have 7 basic emotions, and we need to be able to sit with all of them," stated Dr. Hart.

Applying mindfulness to life

Some objectives require constant mindfulness. The intention to be a good listener, for instance, requires an almost continual focus. Then again, maybe your ultimate aim is to live every moment of your life intentionally. In which case, you need to bear your objectives in mind all the time.

Enhanced self-awareness and awareness of your surroundings brings clarity and will help you concentrate. This can be achieved if you train your mind to observe what happens rather than let it wander. Practicing mindful meditation, and following your breath, can boost a sense of calm attentiveness and help you stay on track.

Ultimately, as Dr. Michael Hart stated, "Action trumps everything. Without action, all the reading that you do is a waste."

There might be times when it's best to go with the flow. Doing so may even be exciting as you never know your journey's end. Most of the time, however, you'll benefit from adopting an intentional lifestyle and working toward a destination you choose.

About Dr. Michael Hart:

Dr. Michael Hart in London, Ontario is the Founder, Medical Director, and Head Physician of Readytogo Clinic. Throughout his career, he has helped countless patients gain control of their health through non-traditional medical treatments. His passion for staying up to date on the latest in medicine has positioned him as one of Canada's leaders in alternative healthcare.

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During This Season Of Consumerism, Let's Not Forget To Be Grateful & Give Back

We are bombarded with ads but how about we give a little love to others in return.


Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Christmas! Three words: shopping, shopping, shopping. The best deals are happening right now and our inboxes are flooded with 50% off select items emails from every store we've subscribed to. We go Black Friday shopping and splurge a little bit too much in the Cyber Monday sale. We spend on ourselves because the deals are too good to pass up and buy gifts for everyone one and their dogs.

We can get caught up in this season of adding things into our shopping cart and wishing for those Christmas gifts instead of being grateful for what's right in front of us. We need to take a step back and acknowledge how blessed we are. Most of us will have a Christmas tree this year. Most of us can go on vacation for winter break. Most of us can afford to buy into all those deals in our inbox. Most of us have the luxury of indulging on what we want.

But what about those who can't?

it's a season of receiving but it should also be a season of giving; giving to those who need it. Giving to those who are struggling to make ends meet. Giving to those who don't have a roof over their head. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we should take a look at what little difference we can make in someone's life in our community or around us. Although to us, it may seem like a little, to them it can make all the difference.

We have to take a step back from the ads bombarding us left and right and just be grateful for the people around us.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Christmas shop. I'm just saying we need to look just a little beyond that and take some time to refocus our attention to gratitude and giving instead on consuming and indulging in ourselves.

So this holiday season, get a little grateful and keep an eye out for who you can help and give back to because you never know what difference that can make in someone's life.

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