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#BisonWrite is a unique competition for student/scholars launching in honor of Howard University's 150th Anniversary by Howard University Alumni Clubs and Butterfly Dreamz, Inc. Participants will write a book (young adult) about Howard University's legacy. Writing for #BisonWrite gives students the chance to receive scholarships from $500 to $5,000. The entries that are selected and are awarded will be published as a collection of short stories that will be passed along to places like schools, education centers and homes across the United States of America. The founders of #BisonWrite hope to fund and help strengthen #BisonWrite authors and educators, empower and educate readers and future Bison writers, and also to engage the University's alumni and friends in hopes to help with funding current enrolled scholars and to help celebrate the anniversary.

Scholars who are interested in competing must

1. Complete an online introduction located online www.bisonwrite.com/enter

2. Attend an in-person or online informational session, which became available in March of 2017, where you can learn more about the requirements.

3. Scholars must submit an entry by May 15. 2017. Entries must include a short story teaching middle school students something significant about the legacy of Howard University, Engaging questions that can be discussed and used to help develop a student's literacy and thinking skills, and a leadership activity that will reach out to young readers to use their voices and develop leadership skills that are within them.

#BisonWrite provides many partnership opportunities as well.

There are partner roles of becoming Howard University Alumni Association (HUAA) and Alumni Club Co- Sponsors in which the role is to serve as co-sponsors of the competition whilst assisting the alumni marketing and engagement effort, connecting the Butterfly Dreamz team to alumni and potential Dream investors locally, and selecting one representative to become an advisor and parrticipate in monthly meetings. Co-sponsors will benefit from this role by co-branding and recieving recognition as a co-sponsor on the website, promotional material, and marketing campaigns.

Bison Pre-Alumni Club (BPAC) Co-Sponsors will serve ad thought partners, helping the organization create strategies for student engagement and communication effectively, assisting in promotion of the organization to scholars via campus events, flyers, and social media platforms, and will select one representative that will participate in meetings monthly. Benefits of becoming a BPAC Co-Sponsor consist of internship opportunities, co-branding and recognition on the website, promotional materials, and in final publication.

Dream Investors will have to donate at least $150 to help with funding the initiative benefitting with a special feature in the final #BisonWrite book and recognition on the website and social platforms.

Community Partners will help promote and distribute the #BisonWrite book to schools, education centers and homes across the country. They will recieve free #BisonWrite books and author visits for families and students.

For questions and more please contact:

Joy Lindsay, the founder and executive director who holds a BBA in Finance from Howard University and an MPA in Nonprofit Management form NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Learn more at www.joylindsay.com and contact her at joy@butterflydreamz.org

Jessica Bailey, business developement partner who holds a BBA in Management from Howard University. She owns and is the principal consultant of SBMS, a consulting agency that focuses on effective marketing and operations of small businesses.

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