25 Birthday Gifts That Twenty-Somethings Actually Want
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25 Birthday Gifts That Twenty-Somethings Actually Want

Any one of these gifts would be to die for.

25 Birthday Gifts That Twenty-Somethings Actually Want

Hint hint, mom and dad.

1. Gift cards

This allows for the flexibility of spending however much you feel is appropriate while also giving your birthday girl the flexibility of spending it how she pleases. Get creative with this and build a bouquet of gift cards from stores she loves! Pick cards from her favorite food joints, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. Feel free to mix in lottery tickets as well!

2. Shoes

This is another gift that allows for creativity. The options are endless: tennis shoes, Keds, boat shoes, boots, high tops, sandals, and the list goes on. The best part is that the price range is variable and there are so many different stores to shop from. (I'm a size 7).

3. A record player

Believe it or not, our generation is obsessed with taking a trip back through to a time before we were even alive. Somehow, record players make music sound better than ever. Find one at Urban Outfitters or on Amazon!

4. A Polaroid camera

For your Instagram-crazed daughter, sister, or friend, you cannot go wrong with a polaroid camera and instant film. These are a cheaper option than most digital cameras, and it'll save her a trip to the store to print pictures!

5. A DSLR camera

Every young 20-some year old nowadays wants to explore the world of photography. These cameras are top of the line, so they can get to be on the pricier end. Check out this blog for more information on how to choose the best one!

6. Jewelry

One of the more popular brands nowadays is Alex and Ani. Their jewelery is known for their many meaningful, adorable, and affordable charms. Find unique rings, bracelets, and necklaces!

7. Plane tickets

Severe wanderlust kicks in around the early 20s, and there couldn't be a better gift than the satiation of that lust. Tickets within the country or abroad would both be incredible gifts!

8. Concert tickets

Get a couple people together to pitch in for her favorite artist's concert tickets. She'll never forget the incredible experience and will be thanking you endlessly, especially if you get great seats!

9. Music festival tickets

Music festivals are a rite of passage. Give her an unforgetable weekend at Coachella, Lollapalooza, or whichever music festival she's dying to go to.

10. Bedroom decor

Everyone wants a cute room, but it doesn't come cheap. Ease the burden on her by contributing some of the items!

11. A new laptop

This is a pricier item, of course, but it is something that would last for a while and would be used daily. If she already has a great laptop, then consider throwing in some laptop stickers with her gift, they're all the craze nowadays.

12. An iPad Pro

Not only can this double as a substitute laptop, but the applications and technology allow for this to be the best note taking method in classes. A college student would use this extensively, and it would be of much use elsewhere as well.

13. A watch

This way she won't have to pull out her phone every time she wants to know how much longer until class is over. These can come in a wide spread of price ranges, and the different designs are limitless.

14. An Apple Watch

Another higher ticket item, this one allows for increased connectivity among all electronic devices (assuming they are Apple based). Make life easier with an Apple watch.

15. A FitBit

Keep her healthy and on the go with a FitBit to encourage her to stay on her feet!

16. A GoPro camera

Capture every adventure with this water-proof, nearly indestructible camera.

17. A Lush gift basket

Did I hear spa day?

18. A rain jacket

With April showers just around the corner, this would be a wise gift.

19. Rain boots

Give twice with Roma rain boots! For every pair of boots purchased, Roma donates one pair of rainboots filled with school supplies to a child in need in developing nations.

20. Yoga Classes

Another proactive way to encourage health and wellness. Yoga is great for the mind, body, and soul!

21. Makeup

Hit up Sephora and buy anything Urban Decay. Maybe you'll help her launch her own makeup tutorial vlog!

22. A purse

Who doesn't love a brand new purse?

23. A backpack

Great for school, work, and travel!

24. A planner

For the inner hyper-organizer in all of us.

25. A puppy

Please Mom and Dad. Please.

We hope you found your perfect gift idea here! Please note that all items are in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualified sales.

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