Your Parade Day Checklist
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Your Parade Day Checklist

Everything you need to make the day one to forget.

Your Parade Day Checklist

The one day each year when Binghamton students feel proud to wear their school colors (albeit by coincidence) is Parade Day.

Parade Day is not to be taken lightly. It’s not any ordinary weekend, and it is certainly not one for the lightweights. In order to make this year’s Parade Day one to remember (or not), here’s some advice.

1. Prep/plan your outfit.

This is serious business. You've either been to at least three different stores looking for that perfect leprechaun-inspired getup, or you've spent one too many hours creating your own wearable masterpiece by hand. Either way, you're sure to be decked out from head to toe in green (complete with ridiculous hats and thousands of beaded necklaces).

2. Wake up early.

There is nothing casual about Parade Day. Set your alarm for 7 a.m., suck it up and get moving. You should be waking up like a kid on Christmas. Your present is a can of PBR. Sleeping until 11 will ruin your Parade Day. Guaranteed.

3. Eat breakfast with the squad.

Super important, guys. This meal is your fuel for the long day ahead. You're gonna need the energy. And honestly, what could be better than pre-gaming with eggs and pancakes?

4. Drinking: This is a marathon, not a sprint.

I know it's tempting to start going ham at 8 a.m., but try to take it slow. You don't want to be that one friend who passes out on the couch before you even make it downtown (because there is always that one friend). It's not enough to dress like a leprechaun. You have to drink like a leprechaun. Save the Beck's for Oktoberfest and the Jose Cuervo for Cinco de Mayo.(Suggested drinks: Irish whiskey, Irish beer, Irish Coffee, and Irish Car Bombs)

5. Drink enough to negate the cold.

This goes for any given drinking day/night in Binghamton, but it certainly applies on Parade Day. With the right amount of alcohol in your system, you won't notice how bad your nose is running or the frostbite forming at the tips of your toes.

6. Take thousands of pictures with everyone you see.

You want to add your photos to the parade of posts happening on your Instagram feed. You also want to capture every Snap-worthy moment and add it to your story (mainly so you can watch it while you're hungover in bed the next day). And most importantly, you might need photographic evidence to remember anything that happened on Parade Day.

7. Nap.

Just a suggestion. Some of you might make it the entire day and night without burning out (if you're Superman). But some of you might want to consider taking a break, regaining your energy and returning downtown for round two. Then you can scream and hug everyone you know at Dillinger's and Tom and Marty's as if you haven't seen them in years, instead of hours.

8. Bar hop.

Try not to spend the entirety of Parade Day inside that one same bar you always end up at. Keep moving. Make your rounds. Go new places. Meet new people. This is no ordinary weekend on State Street. Do it big.

9. Experience mild depression when it's all over.

As well as a hangover and a healthy number of regrets.
Yes, it's over, but it will live on in the form of inside jokes, memories, and TBT posts.

After college, never again will day drinking be socially acceptable (which is an unfortunate reality). Whether you’re a freshman or returning alumnus, don’t waste this Parade Day. Chances are, it’ll never get any bigger. Turn up or transfer, black out or back out, go hard or go home and take a shot for St. Patrick himself.

Note: As always, drink responsibly and be safe.

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