Binge-Watching Netflix As Described by Buddy the Elf
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Binge-Watching Netflix As Described by Buddy the Elf

I'm a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins

Binge-Watching Netflix As Described by Buddy the Elf

Now that Christmas break is finally here, it is prime time for two thing: binge-watching shows on Netflix and watching Christmas movies. While it is a great tragedy that one of my favorite holiday movies, Elf, is not on Netflix (get it together, Netflix!), Buddy certainly does sum up my feelings when watching a new show on Netflix.

Telling yourself that you won't become obsessed with this show

It always happens. I now live my life through a series of references to Friends, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Parks and Rec.

When you have to find out what happens after an episode ends on a cliffhanger

Especially when the cliffhanger is resolved within the first five minutes of the episode but you want to find out what happens next. (Side-eyes The Originals.)

When you finally decide who your favorite character is

Michael from Jane the Virgin, Ben from Park and Rec... I'm going to stop myself now just so I can finish this article.

When you start questioning yourself as to why you didn't start watching this show earlier

The feeling is even worse when you heard about it earlier, but just didn't bother to check it out back then (*cough* How To Get Away With Murder *cough*).

When you accidentally see spoilers

Maybe that character won't die when I watch that episode...hopefully.

When that spoiler ends up being true

Partly towards yourself, partly towards where you saw the spoiler, but mostly towards the writers

When a plot twist hits you out of nowhere

And then you just sit and stare at your screen, questioning what the heck you just watched.

What part of you expects from the cast and crew once the show has taken over your life

Well, the "ruined your lives" part, that is.

When you have suddenly reached the series finale

Once again, please attract your attention towards Parks and Rec.

While this article has mostly been about my binge-watching experiences, hopefully you could relate to it too! And once again, Netflix, please add Elf!

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