Why You Need to Binge Watch Prison Break Right Now

Why You Need to Binge Watch Prison Break Right Now

A fifth season is premiering and you don't want to miss out.

If you think you've watched the best, most intense show already -- you're wrong. This is the most thrilling, edge-of-your-seat show you will ever watch. Lincoln Burrows is framed for a murder he did not commit and sentenced to the death penalty. Lincoln's younger brother, Michael Scofield, tattoos his body with the prison's blueprint and robs a bank to get himself in the same prison as Lincoln.

Once inside prison, the brothers are met with slew of challenges and set backs and meet some very interesting inmates. Every episode you will be holding your teddy bear or yelling at the computer screen. Once you think Michael and Lincoln are in the clear, they get hit with another curve ball. This show has a way of making you despise a character one season and then somehow feel a pang of sympathy for them the next.

If you've watched "Prison Break" already, you know how enveloping these characters can be and if you have yet to watch it, these characters will convince you to sign into Netflix and hit play.

1. Lincoln and Michael

The bond these two brothers share is really what makes the show. Although fictional, how many brothers would risk their lives for their older brother again and again? Or even tattoo their bodies and memorize floor plans of a prison?

The two brothers are the perfect pair, Michael with the brains and Lincoln with the brawn. Watching the two of them sacrifice for the other repeatedly adds an ounce of compassion to the violent series.

2. T Bag

Honestly, I'm not sure how T-Bag is still alive- I'm half way done with Season 3. He is a twisted and manipulative pedophile and just listening to his voice will give you the chills. Somehow, he always manages to snake his way through difficult situations. He is perfectly disturbing.

3. Brad Bellick

Every set of good cops has a bad cop and from first impression you know that Officer Bellick is that bad cop. He sticks his nose in places it doesn't belong and is immediately suspicious of Michael. Not to mention, he is a major suck up to the Warden or anyone above his rank. Yet, there are moments where you find yourself sympathizing for him, despite all the trouble he created.

4. Alexander Mahone

Caught up in the business of the company, Alexander Mahone is another bad cop. You will curse him out many, many times but like Bellick, there are times you feel bad for Mahone. He commits dozens of murders and doesn't exactly play by the law, but it makes you question if he is truly a bad man or just a man following orders to protect his own family.

5. Paul Kellerman

The stone cold persona Kellerman carries (whose name oddly resembles 'killer man') really freaks you out. The collected manner in which he can take someone else's life will leave you speechless and hating his very existence. Following orders from the company without hesitation, he ruins the lives of many and leaves a blood trail a mile deep.

6. Fernando Sucre

With all of these ruthless men, you need a guy that is a little soft on the inside and Sucre is that guy. Don't get me wrong, he can hold his own in a fight, but his adoration for his girlfriend is refreshing to watch amongst all the killing. He is also a loyal friend to Michael and Lincoln - something hard to find in the world they operate in. Sucre's the real teddy bear of the group and the one you wish you could save from danger.

"Prison Break" originally aired on television from 2005-2009. The fifth season is predicted to air in early 2017.

Happy binge watching!

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15 Thing Only Early 2000's Kids Will Understand

"Get connected for free, with education connection"


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15. Slap Bracelets


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