If your stuck inside on a rainy day then there is not much else to do other than binge-watch Netflix shows.

The Office


We all love Steve Carell and his quirky personality he has in all of the TV shows and movies he's in. He always makes people laugh with all the roles he ha played. In the office, he is the "fun" manager who rarely works and is always making the best of his time.



Who doesn't love watching two guys fighting ghosts? If you are ever feeling down or in a bad mood then watch Sam and Dean kill ghosts, it will make your day for sure.

Once Upon A Time


Fairy tales are the best types if kids books. What makes this show so amazing is they made the fairy tales come to life. They have fairy tale characters stuck in a town where they are all normal people and have lost their memory of who they really are. It follows a girl who ends up in the town after her son whom she gave up for adoption came looking for her.

Vampire Diaries


Would you ever want to be in love with a vampire if they could kill you at any point? Well Alana in Vampire Diaries didn't care about the consequences of falling in love with a vampire. It follows a girl who lives in a town where there are vampires, one of which is in love with the girl.

Criminal Minds


I absolutely love crime shows. My all time favorite one is Criminal Minds. I love Garcia, who is so fun and quirky, and Derek Morgan, who has a tight friendship with Garcia. They travel around the U.S. to solve cases where they specialize in reading a criminals mind and knowing what they will do next and what made them turn out the way they did.



If you want to watch a fun gang, watch Friends. The are great friends, hence the title, who o through so much yet they stay close and never let each other down.

Hawaii Five-0


Lastly, if it is a rainy day then why not watch a show that is located in such a tropical area: Hawaii. Hawaii Five-0 has some funny moments between the main characters Danny and Steve. They have an interesting "bromance" where they can argue with each other all the time but they always stay friends.