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For those of you who don't know, Bill Clinton has been accused multiple times of sexual misconduct, rape, and was impeached for lying under oath regarding his affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

While being interviewed by Craig Melvin for his new book with James Patterson, Clinton became defensive when asked about the Me Too movement. He played the victim during his interview. Claiming that facts were omitted and his apology to the public was the same as apologizing to her. He went as far as accusing Craig Melvin for representing one side of the situation.

Monica recently spoke out with an op-ed in Vanity Fair saying she was diagnosed with PTSD years after the scandal due to the public scrutiny she faced.

Bill Clinton, when you left the White House, you were 16 million dollars in debt because you made bad choices. To turn it around and play the victim and get defensive is wrong. You claim that you signed anti-harassment policy into law, and hired multiple women to work in your offices. That isn't good enough. That just means you thought you were above the own rules you put in place.

Hillary Clinton may claim to be an advocate for women's rights, but she was apart of the smear campaign to take these women down. She intimidated them. If she is the person she claims to be, she should apologize, and encourage her husband do so as well. Apologize, meaning to personally contact them and do so, a tweet doesn't cut it. Clinton should be held accountable for his actions, and these actions should follow him until he takes the steps needed to make amends. Same goes for Mrs. Clinton.

Men like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby have been around for decades. Bill Clinton is the textbook example. Just because you were the president, doesn't mean you are any less disgusting than them and the other countless men who use power and fear to force their victims into silence and submission.

These women have been labeled and mocked long enough. The countless references in rap songs and having to build a career while still being one of "those women" who were apart of this scandal is hard enough. Let alone the actual emotional trauma of being raped, harassed, and used for sex. Bill Clinton was right about one thing, it has been decades since the scandal. Yet we are still waiting for him to apologize and admit he was wrong.

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