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I am a very lucky daughter, I have two incredible parents. My mother is my hero and my father shows me strength. My father will be my topic choice today because I keep getting reminded how arrogant some people really are. My father is a bald, thick man, with many tattoos, facial hair, and rides a Harley. When that picture creates itself in your head you are more than likely thinking, “Damn, he sounds scary.”

That’s what I see in the eyes of most people when they first meet him, fear.

He spent most of his life coaching mine and my brothers’ sports teams and volunteered at our schools on many occasions. I had and still do have my dad wrapped around my little finger. He sounds so scary, right? Being the daughter of a biker is one thing I will NEVER regret or be ashamed of.

I was about eleven when I had become introduced to basically a new culture. Shortly after I was introduced to the motorcycle family. My dad started bringing his biker friends around me and introducing me. I won’t lie, at first I was a little frightened in the back of my mind, but I never see fit to judge anybody until after I give them a chance. I have been with my dad when he has been asked if he was illiterate or asked if he is unable to calculate numbers.

Rage rushes through my body at this point. My dad is one of the smartest people I know, while you are standing there calculating a list of numbers on your phone he already has the solution figured out in his head. The friends that we have both met fitting the same description of my dad have quickly turned into family. I can honestly say that the guys or women covered in tattoos and riding motorcycles have treated me better overall than the typical people you see walking down the street. I know that if I am ever in trouble I will have a variety of people to help me and I feel without the motorcycle family that void would not be filled.

The fabulous part is I could have met part of the family five minutes ago, and they would fulfill anything I need without question. My dad and other fellow bikers face much discrimination on their own when they are the ones doing charity rides, donating money, and just helping in any way that is possible. Stop watching shows about the hard ass motorcycle gangs and connecting it to every biker you see.

I can tell you from a personal standpoint that I personally met Banditos and Hells Angels and I would trust them with my life. Be careful what you assume, you may never know what family you will miss out on.

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