Be Bigger Than Yourself
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Student Life

Be Bigger Than Yourself

"I was made for more."

Be Bigger Than Yourself

Or at least that's what I hear from a lot of people. We use this sentence to convince ourselves that we are made to do bigger and better things in life than what we are doing right now, and then we get frustrated. We get frustrated when we have to go back into the same routine or the same job or be around the same people, day after day. But we never do anything about it. We feel like we have to wait to achieve our dreams until we get married or after our kids are grown up or after we're retired.

The truth is, you are doing something bigger and better every single day you choose to get out of bed.

There's a decision that has to be made daily on whether or not you will survive the day, and every time you do is incredible. No matter if you're stressing the college life, living the single mom life, or just working through your own struggles right now, don't underestimate yourself. A lot of people don't quite grasp the amazing power it takes just to survive.

Life is not just some obstacle that you have to slide through or get around - it's an indefinite wall that will always be there. One moment, things are going smoothly and the next they are crumbling to pieces, there is really no in between. Everyone can probably agree that life is not a simple thing; especially since it didn't come with directions on how to put it together. Some people try to help others through life, and they feel like they need to do more for the people in the world. I feel that way too; but I have a different way of doing "more".

Doing more and being made for more doesn't mean you have to spend all your money to build wells in Africa or spend all your free time fostering children, although both are absolutely vital. Doing more could be doing something as little as making someone smile, or doing something nice. Doing something bigger and better than yourself doesn't mean you have to break the bank or hinder your life in some way - it simply means doing something nice for other people.

If you really want to be made for more than what you can offer the world, you don't have to travel the globe. The mission to brighten the world starts in your backyard.

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