10 Things Girls With Small Butts and Big Thighs Know

It's a well known fact that very few people are built proportionally. It's a fact that plagues fashion, both mens and women's. Butt there is a lesser known thing that plagues women: the big thighs, small butt syndrome. (Did anyone see the pun? I thought that was a great pun.)

1. Pants never fit

These would be great and cute and totally give my butt a great curve...but I can't get them over my thighs

2. Chub rub

It's real. It's awful. And unless you want to wear Mormon spandex, there's really no cure.

3. The indent

If you're a true member of the big-thigh small-butt committee (like President Heather), there may be an indent where your butt is because the curve of your hamstring is bigger than that of your tosh

4. You're strong

Your quads and hamstrings are huge, yes, but they're strong af too. It's just every time you try to grow your butt your thighs grow too...

5. Thigh gap?

My thighs have been bestie since the day I was born (see number 2).

6. More room for puppies...

The more your thighs flatten out when you sit down, the more puppies you can hold on your lap, so who's the real winner here?

7. Seam imprints

"What's that line on your thigh?" "oh, I was wearing jeans six hours ago..." (back to numero uno).

8. Waist gap

Cause you had to have a larger waist to get the pants over your thighs to begin with, but now they're too big for your waist.

9. Yoga pants are life

...except when they fall down because you have no butt to hold them up.

10. You love your thighs anyways

Albeit begrudgingly sometimes, you've come to love your thighs. They've carried you through games, on hideous runs, and always been there to support you. You're just hoping one day your butt will start pulling its weight too.

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