To My Big Sister As She Starts Her Married Life

Dear Big Sister,

You're finally married, and I know that you have been waiting for this day since the moment you met your husband. Honestly, I can't believe the day has finally come. It seems like just yesterday that we were playing house, and you would make me be the dad. Or when you wanted to play school, and you would always be the teacher. I'm going to miss the days where we shared a room and would race each other to say "I love you" before we fell asleep, and then argue over who actually said it first (I think we would do it a billion times before we actually got tired.) I remember we would lay in bed waiting for dad to tuck us in, and he would throw the blankets over us like a giant parachute. Now when I come home, there's just going to be another empty bed across the room. I'm going to miss the days where we would spend hours playing in the sandbox, making little towns and mountains for the cars to drive through. It's hard to believe that our childhood has come and gone, and we're both starting our adult lives. Sharing our childhood together is one of the things I'll miss greatly, but I'm so excited to see where the rest of our lives take us.

We can do so many great things together. We can travel the world if we want, take a weekend road trip, or just enjoy a drink together and talk about our lives over dinner. I'm eager for the day you start a family, because I can't wait to spoil all of my nieces and nephews and watch them grow and learn new things right before our very eyes (I'm going to be the coolest aunt ever, by the way). I can't wait to teach them all of the things we've learned, whether they be good or a little ornery, because you can't go through life without being a little ornery, am I right?

When I saw you walk down the aisle, it was like our entire lives up to this point flashed before me. All the memories that we have shared came flooding into my brain. How could it all have gone this fast? It seems like just yesterday that we were riding in your car to a high school basketball game. I now have to share you with the man who stole your heart, and I'm glad that he is the most wonderful brother-in-law, and husband there ever was. He's going to be an amazing father to your children (and future uncle to mine), and he's going to give you all that you ever wanted and more. I can see that the love you have for each other is going to last an eternity, and that makes my heart so incredibly happy.

I'm glad that God chose you to be my big sister, because I don't think I could go through life with anybody else by my side.

I love you,

Your little sister

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