The Lessons I Learned As A Big Sister
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5 Things I Learned As A Big Sister

A big sister is a big identity I hold to myself.

5 Things I Learned As A Big Sister

Out of all the identities that are used to describe myself, one that I often seem to forget is 'sister', specifically a big sister. Being a big sister is a job that I cherish the most, but I realized that this slips when I have to think about words that describe me. Maybe it's because it's such an obvious thing that I do not even think about it, but it seems to be a forgotten identity when describing myself.

But being a big sister is absolutely rewarding and a huge part of who I am today, being able to share, to listen, and to care for others. I will share 5 things I learned as a big sister.

1. You aren't going to be first all the time. 

If you have siblings, you may totally relate to this, but there are moments you are going to neglected. You problems and your situations aren't going to be placed first all the time. Attention will be shared, as well as the time spent with you. Even in emergencies, sometimes you are still not going to be put first.

As a big sister, I learned that just because I am older, it doesn't mean I come first in every situation. Especially in a family setting, age does not matter when it comes to the level of importance. This lesson has transitioned into my life because you are still not going to be first all the time in real life. It's better to accept earlier.

2. Sharing has to be learned, fast. 

Sharing is going to happen in every situation. Taking turns playing with the video game or even getting an equal number of strawberries with the same amount of whipped cream, everything is going to be shared. However, as a big sister, I have learned that sometimes giving more to my sister is the right thing to do. Sharing what needs to be shared and being selfless is learned with the job of being a big sister. This has transitioned into how I am with my friends. Even with non-blood related people, sharing is needed too. It's about sacrifice for those you love.

3. Everyone is so different. 

My sister and I are extremely different. Many people around us have pointed out our differences in personality, fashion, interests, and even food. We have almost zero common traits. We even shared once how if we weren't related, we would have never talked to each other. As harsh as that sounds, it's quite true.

As a big sister of someone who is completely different from me, I learned that everyone, literally everyone, is different. If my sister and I are different, then being different with another person is not that big of a deal. Everyone is just different!

4. Taking care of people will come naturally to you. 

When my parents were busy, it was up to me to take care of my sister, making sure she eats and does her homework. Even though it was not a big deal, this act of taking care of my sister continued with those around me. I learned that as you share and care for your sibling, this trait will be part of you and will just come naturally to you.

Being a big sister is part of me and it naturally shows how I am with my friends and close ones.

5. Quality time is truly important. 

One thing that I feel like I missed out on is my sister's transition in figuring herself out during high school. As I was in college most of the time she was in high school, I was not there to help her and be there for her during the changes that occur during high school, whether it was encouraging her during SATs, the intense stress of junior year, her first break-up, and even her high school graduation, I was not able to be there.

And this is where quality time comes in. With the time that I have when I am home during breaks, I learned that it's important to spend it with family. Quality time is truly important and as a big sister, my parents and sister all lean on me. Time is important in any relationship and with my unavailability during the school year, there was more time made when I was home.

As much as I am a student, I am first a daughter and a sister. Being a sister has really affected me in my ways of making friends, communicating with friends, and how I care for my friends. I am always learning more about myself through my identity as a sister and it's exciting to see my sister change into a lady, although she will always be a baby sister in my eyes.

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