It's the most exciting time of the year, the time where bigs get their littles and littles get their bigs. I remember getting my big an entire year ago and crying tears of joy. Now being on the other side of it, getting a little is the most exciting thing in the world. You have a million thoughts running through your mind leading up to reveal; here are just 17:

1. "I'm so happy it's her!"

2. "I have to be responsible for a human..."

3. "Oh my gosh, there she is. Act normal."

4. "I really hope she's fooled."

5. "I hope she thinks it's someone else."

6. "I hope I don't accidentally give it away."

7. "I love spoiling her."

8. "Only 3 more days until reveal!"

9. "I need this basket to look perfect."

10. "I just spent $200 on shirts."

11. "I'm so broke."

12. "We are literally the same person."

13. "I painted this canvas, I hope she doesn't think it's ugly."

14. "Shoot, I forgot to buy her favorite candy."

15. "She better cry."

16. "She's perfect."

17. "REVEAL DAY!!!"

I hope you love your little as much as I do!