Big Hero 6 and Grieving

This movie while though it may entertain children from all ages, it also dives deeper into something that we all eventually face in our own lifetime. The way to grief and handle the death of a loved one, Big Hero 6 takes you on a journey and throughout this journey those who have lost loved ones will sit there and are able to identify with certain aspects. Here are a couple of moments that I took notice of and know that I am not the only one who will identify with them within the film. (Spoil alert)

First moment is after the death: After the death of the brother, the younger one falls into a state of depression; he has shut the world out and remains alone and silent. This moment will hit home for many people because it is so true, after losing someone the last thing you want to do is smile, laugh or even leave your room. People easily fall into depression due to this, the feeling of loneliness becomes all to normal.

Second moment is Baymax: Baymax throughout the film becomes a constant beacon of a friend who is there for others during the grief, though humorous at times he is the light that shines on showing us that there will be a tomorrow and that we to not slip into depression, but instead celebrate the lost loved one’s life. This will strike a chord with many, though may not be realized at first but once it’s realized that we should remember the good times we once had, and in some cases even use it as motivation to make them proud. Baymax represents this and much more.

These are just a few moments that occur in the film but to me personally are the important that really will tug on people’s heart strings, the death and reality of death and the healing process that turns into the celebration of life. I remember when I watched it and the scenes of how the younger brother went through depression and wanting to be left alone, those scenes were powerful because they struck a note with me personally. It in some cases reminded me of my own experience and what I went through, the moments where the younger brother watches clip’s of his older brother will bring a tear to anyone who has lost a loved one. I connected to this movie not just on the parts of death and depression but also the parts of acceptance that turned into the celebration of the lost one’s life, this spoke volumes to me and I believe it will to many others as well. These were the moments and themes throughout the film that I favored the most, aside from the humor and all around good feeling I found myself realizing that these two moments were my favorite ones on a personal level.

Big Hero 6 though is a children’s movie, its message and certain moments will grab the attention of anyone and hold you till the end.

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