Big Families

There's Nothing Irresponsible About A Big Family

In fact, larger families may be just what this society needs.

Megan Aaron

I grew up in a family of seven and I'm the oldest of the five kids. When I was younger I didn't think twice about having a big family or what we looked like when we all piled in the van to go grocery shopping. But as I got older, I began to realize the assumptions people have about big families. Some people wonder if my parents miss their lives pre-children, some people debate whether or not it's logical financially or if it's irresponsible. And for some reason or other, there's always this preconceived notion that the larger families are of some form of Christianity. There's nothing but beauty in all of those assumptions.

Marriage isn't meant to be selfish and easy. The most beautiful thing that could come out of a marriage is children. Secondly, who are you to determine whether or not it's logical financially or not? If the family is alive and clothed and healthy, then I'd like to think the family is making it work and is financially stable enough to support 4-5 kids. Lastly, that preconceived notion that larger families are Christian, is a beautiful thing. That's a testament to how encouraging and supporting the Christian faith is and should be, to life and the gift of children from marriage.

Our society is falling apart because our families are falling apart, but more often than not, it's the larger families that are holding together well. There's a sense of community and teamwork in larger families and there's learned respect for the dignity and lives of not only their family members but all humans. So next time you see a bigger family, maybe stop and appreciate it instead of silently judging it.

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