The reality TV show of the summer, the one and only, "Big Brother." For some people, they have no idea or interest in the world of reality TV, whereas others love having the latest drama scoop on what is happening the the realm of reality TV. Personally, I am not one that enjoys too much TV, especially reality TV, but "Big Brother" is a whole other story.

Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night is a must to be sitting watching the ever popular: "Big Brother." I will watch the TV show religiously, although I must admit that some seasons are better than others. Last season, I didn't really watch, but others, like this season, I must be caught up on every piece of gossip. Not to mention, Julie Chen making an appearance every Thursday evening for the live eviction, leaves me like, "Oh my lanta!" (Jason, BB17 houseguest).

It can get difficult to find others to "talk game" with. At home, one of my managers and coworkers and I discussed the latest scoop on what was happening in the house and what we watched on the live feeds. Now at college, I lucked out and found two other RAs plus myself who watch the show.

You're probably wondering what is so special about watching people who are stuck in a house the entire summer, but that's the thing, it's so exciting. Gossip is flying around the house, rumors are spread, the house is divided, lies are told, competitions are held, and there are twists thrown into the game to make it exciting for both America and the house guests.

Within the current season, #BB17, the house has been divided since literally the beginning. There are two showmances (romances that are within the show) and a set of identical twins, the first ever transgender, and the ever popular floaters plus more!

As of now, I am rooting for either the twins or Johnny Mac or Becky to win the half a million dollars. Why? Because of how they are playing the game! Each players' strategy is different from one another's, except for the twins who are playing a similar game—but between those house guests mentioned, every strategy is different.

The summer is dwindling down to the end, and that means more and more house guests are leaving quickly and before you know it, the finale is here. At this point, it is a toss up of who could win it all with the amount of twists and rumors spread around, so it's hard to predict, but as long as I have a front row seat in my living room, that's all that matters. If you need something, it can wait until after Big Brother.