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22 Pictures From Bid Day That Will Make You Want To Rush AGAIN

Bid Day is always so special, and these pictures capture the best moments that it has to offer.

Kelsi Mills
Kelsi Mills

Being able to share the excitement of a new journey for 55 girls was such an awesome experience, and was something I looked forward to doing at the end of recruitment. If you've never been to a Bid Day, it contains lots of screaming, crying, and hugging. To put these words into perspective, here are some of the best pictures from Bid Day that will make you want to join in.

1. Marly and Haylee

Haylee and Marly hugging with the biggest smiles they've probably ever had.

2. Marly and Haylee

Haylee and Marly reppin' their letters.

3. Kaylee and Lauren

Kaylee and Lauren reuniting in the name and love of Kappa Delta.

4. Kennedy, Hannah, and Kathryn

Kennedy, Hannah, and Kathryn throwin' what they know!

5. Erin and Madison

Erin and Madison in a bone-crushing hug because they ran home together.

6. Erin

Erin posing extra hard and cheesing even harder.

7. Virginia and Erin

Virginia and Erin throwing their new home's letters.

8. Meg

Meg is super excited that she is a Kappa Delta!

9. New Members Running Home

Even if you don't run, you run home at full speed.

10. Meredith and Grace

Big smiles and even bigger hugs for Meredith and Grace.

11. Natalie and Madison

Madison jumping into the arms of her new sister, Natalie!

12. Eilya and Erin

New letters call for endless pictures of girls throwing what they know!

14. Gracie and Elizabeth

Gracie's smile is the biggest I've ever seen, and I have a hunch its because Elizabeth went KD.

15. Sarah and McKenzie

Sarah hugging Mckenzie with the white rose in her hand is the cutest thing.

16. Sarah, Gracie, Marly, Sarah, Jennifer Grace

This picture was taken right before our new girlies ran home, look how pumped they are!

17. Sarah

Sarah is holding her sign high and mighty.

18. Grace, Olivia, and Lia

Grace, Olivia, and Lia are too happy that they're Kappa Deltas.

19. Kacie and Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace is about to give the biggest hug to Kacie.

20. AnnaLee and Claudia

AnnaLee is happy Claudia is a KD!

21. Kelsi and Megan

When I saw Megan running towards me, I knew that I was about to get the biggest hug, and I did.

22. Kelsi, Kristen, and Natalie

Kristen, Natalie, and I are so happy to have 55 new ladies to lead into Kappa Delta!

Now that you've had a look into how much joy Bid Day pours into the souls of sorority girls, don't you want to participate? Greek life is much more than matching t-shirts, it creates lifelong memories and friendships.

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