Fix The Bias In The Gaming Industry

Fix The Bias In The Gaming Industry

Have video game reviews been manipulated by gaming companies?


Lately, there's been a lot of tension regarding game reviews in the gaming community. People have been up in arms stating that there's bias when reviewing a game based on what system the game is for. While I don't know if this statement is true or not, there has been some speculation within the gaming community on whether a game is reviewed legitimately.

Starting off strong, there's an article from Daily Sabah which talks about video game journalists and how gamers and people should be very cautious of them. The article tells the history of video game journalism and talks about the advantages and disadvantages of it and its uses. It tells people to be cautious when reading because there might be bias and opinionated beliefs within the article. It also describes how certain companies might buy out certain corporations with free stuff in order to get a good review of their game.

When a game gets released by certain companies, companies promote their game by sending out a limited number of codes to people, mostly YouTubers and streamers, in hopes that they will spread the "good word" of their game around. Not only that, but they also buy out a bunch of companies to advertise their product and have them say positive things about their game. "On one hand, they offered early access codes, free products, press access, accreditation, events, tours, advertisement and much more," according to Ibrahim Altay, a writer for the Daily Sabah. When companies perform these practices, it's not usually frowned upon by the gaming community, but when a game review company gets involved, that's when you should be asking questions.

Continuing on, Altay goes to state that "Back in 2007, Gamespot, a major video game media organization fired one of its writers. The writer, Jeff Gerstmann had just finished his review of a game, Kane & Lynch, which was written in a negative manner. This negative review caused the game publisher to put pressure on Gamespot, resulting in the termination of Gerstmann's job as a writer there." To sum it up, the reviewer was basically let go over a bad review, and the developer of the game basically cost him his job.

A blog post on The Artifice goes in-depth talking about the suspicion that gaming journalism could be rigged to have certain reviews and have articles come out with good reviews when they shouldn't. When a reviewer reviews the game, they're supposed to mainly talk about the features and just touch base with what they like and what they don't like. However, some people take it a little too far. According to a post on the site, "This can lead to what is practically yellow journalism, with writers over exaggerating the games and features of what they prefer while undermining the competition, even if the competition is an amazing game or console itself." When this practice happens, it manipulates the reader into thinking that the game has to be the best of the best when it actually isn't and tricks the reader into purchasing the game or product. Staff writer Matt Hotaling had this to say: "This issue should be addressed in some way and possible solutions discussed so that gamers are presented with fair coverage of all video games and video game related news."

When looking at reviewing companies such as Gamespot and IGN, the writers there always have a pedestal when they write their reviews and their articles. Forbes talks about the effects the gaming community has on the reviewers which sometimes can affect their writing just so that they can please them. Paul Tassi, the senior editor at Forbes, said, "What I do know is that the games press works very hard at their jobs, for often very little money, and nearly always attracts universal criticism from a general public that often doesn't seem to understand what it is they're criticizing." Not only is this true, but this happens for almost every new game that comes out. What reviewers need to know is that they can't please everyone and should always just submit their best honest work all the time.

Polygon is very well known for its blatant bias in the gaming industry. Accelerated Ideas has pointed out the events that have taken place for Polygon to receive such criticism: "Polygon made a shameful comparison of the Xbox One vs the PS4 during their 12-hour live stream, aimed at showing off the Xbox One and giving users a comparison to Sony's already released console." Polygon blatantly only wanted to show off the Xbox One and only wanted the users to buy that console. Many more events have taken place, like how they will review a game and give it a good rating but the aspects on which they rated it don't match up with the score that they gave it.

Finally, we have GamerGate, a controversial movement in the gaming community. Its proponents say it aims to show the power of social media sites like Twitter and the effects that they have on the gaming industry: "And so, what widespread disdain of the gaming media turned to war. And so soon, everyone pretty much went completely insane. There were flame wars on sites like Twitter over the issue, people in the gaming media attacked their audience with article after article of pointless hate and comments that 'gamers are dead.'" Now obviously, not everybody thinks this way, but this is what happens when certain review websites and their articles cant be trusted and a gamer has to look somewhere else for their news and reviews.

All in all, the gaming community needs some work, and the community is asking for not only more trustworthy practices but trustworthy writers as well. People shouldn't have to worry about keeping their paycheck or have a gaming company looking over their shoulder while they write their review. It should be honest and true. That's all that the community asks for.

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7 Online Multiplayer Games That Even The Non-Gamer Will Enjoy

These simple games allow anyone to connect and laugh with their friends.

The phrase "Online multiplayer game" may first conjure up images of popular games like World of Warcraft or Overwatch. While entertaining for many, these kinds large intensive games are not for everyone, and non-gamers often find that they aren't quite up their alley. This can be frustrating for gamers and non-gamers alike who fail to find ways to enjoy time with one another when living far apart. But, rest assured that the world of multiplayer games extends far beyond these types of games, and even the non-gamer can find multiplayer games that allow them to laugh and connect with their friends far away. Here are seven free browser games to play with your friends that everyone can enjoy.

1. Cards Against Humanity

How to play: Each round, a card czar presents a black card with a prompt, and all other players present the funniest white card(s) that they have in their hand to answer it. The czar chooses the funniest card of them all, and the owner of that card gets a point. The first to reach a number of points set by the host wins. Beware though, the game includes raunchy and potentially offensive cards, something that Cards Against Humanity is renowned for. Though the game is not intended to be taken seriously, it may not be for the faint of heart.

2. Never Have I Ever

How it's played: A scenario is presented and you and your friends all say whether or not you've been in that scenario or not.The big difference from the in-person game is that you can't see who answers yes and who answers no, just how many players answer yes or no. The anonymity makes it more likely that players will be truthful and adds a humorous extra layer as players try to figure out who it is that answered yes or no. The game has three modes: innocent, normal, and offensive so that you can tailor it to your audience.

3. is your go-to for online Pictionary. Since drawing with a mouse or track-pad is notoriously difficult, this game makes for extra hilarity.

How it's played: The host sets the number of rounds that will played, and one by one, each player takes turns drawing pictures to represent one of three word choices. The artist has the objective of getting the most people to recognize what word they are drawing. Players type what they think the drawing is of, and the more players you beat in guessing the word, the more points you get. The player with the most points at the end wins. At the top of the screen, you can see how many letters are in the word, and as time runs out, more letters will be revealed.

4. Petri Dish

How it's played: You start out as a small cell with the objective of getting as big as you can by eating other cells, whether they be small particles generated by the game or other players. The larger you are, the more you can eat. But, being large also makes you slow. You can split temporarily using spacebar, but the small size leaves you more vulnerable. Different modes add different features to the game, and each mode offers a specific explanation of how to play.

5. Uno

How it's played: Like the classic card game, the goal is to be the first get rid of all the cards in your hand. You must say (or in this case click) UNO when you get down to one card. Cards may only be played if the last card discarded is the same color, number, or symbol, as the card you are putting down, except for certain special cards that can change the active color and/or make the next player draw four cards.

6. MegaProRacer

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How to play: Use the arrow keys to move and steer as you go around the track. Handling can be tricky and other players may slide into you, which is what makes this game so funny and competitive.

7. Tiny Tanks

Tiny Tanks is an adorable game with customizable arenas and a desktop theme. Though the concept is markedly simplistic, it offers no lack of interest , competition, or fun. Three modes are available: capture the flag, last tank alive, and death match.

How to play: By steering your tank with the arrow keys and shooting with the space bar, you can complete the objective of the mode you're playing. In capture the flag, tanks will be divided into two teams and your team must bring the opponent's flag to your own side without being killed, all while defending your own flag. Last tank alive is a free for all in which all tanks shoot at each other and the last tank standing wins. Death match is similar, but tanks are divided into teams.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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3 Improvements That Would Make 'Kingdom Hearts 3' More Enjoyable

The ending should have been happier for the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga, then I would have been more satisfied with the game after finishing the game.


After playing "Kingdom Hearts 3," I wouldn't say that it was a huge disappointment. I would say the game could have been better. And here are some things that I thought would make "Kingdom Hearts 3" far better and far more enjoyable.

1. There should be less time on the gummi ship travels and battles

It was cool seeing the gummi ship travel between worlds with Sora, Donald, and Goofy but to be honest, it wasted my time. I had to devote my time trying to battle Heartless bosses in order to boost my level to battle even more harder Heartless bosses that stand in the way between worlds. Otherwise, I wouldn't get access to the last "Kingdom Hearts 3" world. Then the last travel of the gummi ship got very complicated because it was hard to see pathways due to the screen focusing the things around the gummi ship. As a"'Kingdom Hearts 3" fan, I would want to spend more energy and my time with what was going on in the story rather than spending time on leveling up that gummi ship.

2. There should have been more teamwork between the Keyblade Wielders in "Kingdom Hearts 3"

From the opening of "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance," every Kingdom Hearts fan were told that would be the ultimate teamwork between the Keyblade Wielders against Xehanort in the final showdown! Unfortunately, I didn't get that moment of that ultimate teamwork I was looking forward to in "Kingdom Hearts 3." Although the game had moments of Sora working together with Xion and Roxas in one battle and Sora working together with Riku and Mickey in another, one thing I didn't understand was why was it only Sora, Donald, and Goofy only fighting Xehanort during the final battle? Xehanort was the main reason why each of Keyblade Wielders in the game was torn apart from each other! Even if Sora was told to be the one having the power to save his friends, why was he only paired up with Donald and Goofy to fight Xehanort? I mean, Donald and Goofy are awesome allies but they shouldn't be the only ones fighting Xehanort! The other characters should join in the final battle as well and fight alongside Sora, Donald, and Goofy against Xehanort! Imagine how thrilling that would be? Not to mention, that would make a great opportunity to make every Keyblade wielders playable!

3. The ending should have been happy instead of a bittersweet

After defeating Xehanort, Sora was able to save his friends but not himself. At the last scene, every one of the Keyblade wielders along with Naminé, Isa, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and friends from Twilight Town are gathered together at Destiny Islands and have fun. Sora spends his remaining time sitting next to Kairi, giving her one last look before disappearing in front of her. Shinji Hashimoto, the game producer said that "Kingdom Hearts 3" ending would be one that would satisfy every "Kingdom Hearts" fan and boy, was I fooled! I was very discouraged because this was an ending that Sora did not deserve at all! The ending should have been happier for Sora and everyone during the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga, then I would have been more satisfied with the game after finishing the game.

Did you like "KH3"? What changes would you make?

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