So every concert has that moment where something crazy happens that goes viral. However, this situation was different and could've ended badly.

Last weekend, Beyonce and Jay-Z held the first of their two-day concert weekend in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz Stadium. At the closing of the show as they exited to backstage, a drunk attendee climbed over the barrier gate, got onstage, walked across the stage, and nearly got backstage to attack Jay-Z and Beyonce.

The video shows a man walk to the back of the stage and the dancers immediately running to the rescue. Thankfully both Jay-Z and Beyonce were not harmed and the suspect was arrested. The Carters aren't pressing charges because they know the guy and his children's children would be in debt for years to come paying for damages.

So first off, as an Atlanta citizen, we know that the times we make the national news is for when something stupid or crazy happens. Secondly, who was the head of security in charge? Whenever an event is taking place at a large arena, the location provides security for the venue. Mercedes Benz Stadium is fairly new, they opened eight months ago. You would think they took some lessons from the Georgia Dome and Philips Arena about levels of security but apparently not.

Third of all, WHERE WAS THE BEYHIVE? They go hard for Beyonce by the minute. Why didn't they stop this guy from getting on stage? The Atlanta sector of the Beyhive is on probation after this event. And finally, what did this guy think was going to happen after he got onstage? Did he think he was going to get a picture or meet the twins? He knew he was going to get trampled by security when he stepped onto the platform.

All jokes aside, Let's clarify the situation here. This person was not a fan. A fan wouldn't jump through the security barrier and run to the back to jump and harm the performers and possible others. This was an ill-intended attempt on this power couple. After all the incidents that have happened at concerts in the last years, this could've ended badly. After this incident, the security team is going to be fired, the stadium will be blackballed for city events, and the Carters may never return to the city of Atlanta.

This is not an exaggeration, this isn't the first time this has happened. Back in 2010 in Brazil, Beyonce was pulled off stage by two biligerate fans. She wasn't seriously hurt but she nor Jay-Z has been back ever since. So it wouldn't be a surprise that they chose not to come back to Atlanta on their next tour. This security breach may also make other artists reconsider what cities they'll stop in during their tours. All because one person had to ruin it for everybody. This why we can't have nice things people.

All I can say is that those dancers deserved a raise for getting in formation.