Beyoncé & Jay-Z Nod to Feminism and Relationship Theories during "On the Run" Tour
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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Nod to Feminism and Relationship Theories during "On the Run" Tour

The evening of Sunday, August 3rd 2014, was probably in the top 167 best moments of my life. For others, it was probably much higher on their lists, but I’m not an avid concert attendee (I know, shame on me).

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Nod to Feminism and Relationship Theories during "On the Run" Tour

One of my best friends insisted that I join her for none other than the brilliant Beyoncé and Jay-Z's On the Run Concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and come on, how could I resist? I adore Beyoncé, I mean, who doesn’t? She truly is Queen Bey. She cannot be beat. She knows it too. In the most humbling and honorable way, you just know that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are totally aware of their golden perfection, especially since their only competition in the power couple world is probably Michelle and Barack.

Well after last night, they may have bumped the Obama’s to

second place. It was a fantastic musical montage full of unstoppable dance moves, incredible lights, stunning costumes, unbelievable voices and, most of all, a chemistry that the whole audience could connect to.

AND BEYONCE DID THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING SHE COULD DO. Right before singing “Flawless” (yes, I woke up this way too) one of the awesome prerecorded videos started playing on the main screen with a vintage/Bonnie & Clyde themed/classy/western theme. You could hear the sultry voice of Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adiche that was then interpreted on the screen through Beyoncé-font captions. Across the screen flew thoughts on male supremacy and dominance and the submissive roles women must take as per society. And then…in hot pink letters…FEMINIST. She defined Feminist. No, like literally. She gave a definition for the F-Word. “A person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes.” AS IN ALL SEXES. AND THE CROWD WENT WILD #takethatwomenwhosaytheydontneedfeminism. With the exception of the finale, this portion of the concert probably received some of the loudest and most enthusiastic applause.

Beyoncé truly is the modern American spokeswoman for Feminism. She

is liberated and empowering. She is a role model for women everywhere. She is Sasha Fierce.

Now despite rumors flying about a potential divorce once the

tour is over, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were on top of the world. Besides, there are just too many people invested in their marriage to have it torn apart no matter how many punches Solange throws. It’d be like Justin and Britney all over again except like a thousand times worse, and Lord knows, my heart can’t take that.

The concert began with a simple phrase: “This is not real life.”

Which, of course, has never felt truer, but as the show continued, myself and the thousands of other concert attendees all came to the same conclusion—we were watching Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s real life. Now this is all based on theory, but the flow of the show gets to a point where Jay-Z raps an apology for being unfaithful to the Queen who is depicted on the screens behind him in a gorgeous wedding gown. Beyoncé is then on the extended stage in the center of the ground level in the same dress singing “Resentment” or otherwise known as “Because You Lied.” Basically, it shares her emotions of how she feels having known she was mistreated. AND THEN SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL HAPPENED. SOMETHING AMAZING. The Queen CRIED. It was touching. It was pure. IT WAS REAL LIFE. So raw. But then we transition to my absolute favorite: LOVE ON TOP. (Author’s note—this occurred a decent way into the concert, so please understand the anxiety that was lifted from my shoulders upon realizing that my dreams were coming true.)

Let’s take a moment to analyze the lyrics of “Love on Top,”

shall we? They are as follows:

“…Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear

(They say love hurts)

But I know (It's gonna take a little work)

Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears

And finally you put me first…”

OMG. Did Jay-Z actually cheat on her? IS THIS THEIR CONFESSIONAL? AND SHE FORGAVE HIM!? If that’s the case we should all be HATING Jay-Z. Because we all know that if I were a boy, I think I could understand how it feels to love a girl, I swear I'd be a better man. If Beyonce can get cheated on, then I’m convinced humans must not actually be a monogamous creatures…research will be done and reported at a later time.

But strangely…I still don’t hate him. Maybe it was a rumor that
wasn’t true? Maybe it’s just a narrative to make a beautiful story of forgiveness? Part of me wants to hate Beyoncé too if it is true, because as the role model for me, my future children, and their children’s children, I am not a fan of her staying in a relationship where she isn’t getting treated like gold. But you know what? Beyoncé treats herself like gold. She don’t need a man. And listening to Jay-Z’s heartfelt words suddenly made me forgive him for his supposed immature behaviors. It was sincere and genuine. They both knew that their relationship was a prized possession that outweighed any fling that could possibly exist. And better yet, I was being gifted with a possible inside glimpse into their relationship, and I am in no place to judge. I should be thankful that they would be so trusting of myself and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD to show such vulnerability…even if it’s not true. 

All the loose ends were tied up in the finale though, where Beyoncé,
in a striking black and white American flag gown, and Jay-Z strutted their stuff onto the center ground stage and sang “Forever Young” while watching a montage of home videos from the last 12 years. AND THEN BEYONCE STARTED SINGING “HALO” AND BLUE IVY ARRIVED ON THE SCREEN. The darling toddler dawdled about and played with dearest mommy and daddy in the featured videos while Beyoncé and Jay-Z looked on with tears in their eyes. 

just when I thought they couldn’t get more perfect…it actually happened. 

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