This Year Be A Better You, Not A New You.

Every year a lot of people say “New Year. New me!” but most often people do not actually take any steps to be a new them. This year, take a leap of faith and become a new you. But not just a new you, become a better you. Take a leap of faith in yourself. If you tell yourself how hard things are going to be, then those things with start to become that much harder to complete.

Stop being scared of what could happen. You will never know the actual outcome of a situation if you focus on the negative possibilities. Talk to that cute guy, he could think you’re cute too and the worst that could happen is you become friends. Apply for that dream job or internship, you could actually get that job or internship and the worse that could happen is you gain experience from that application and interview process.

Stop telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Do it today. Do it right now. If you need to study for a test, then start today. Take the first steps to get yourself and your brain in the mood to do that task. Make an outline for that test if you need to start studying or do some at home exercises if you truly can’t make it to the gym.

Stop giving up your social life to get that amazing GPA. College is all about finding the right balance in your life. You may not be able to go out every single time you want or do every single thing you want, but don’t just hide away in the library to make sure you get that great GPA. Study hard, but also join a club or society, go to the movies with your friends, or just go out every once in a while

This year don’t be a new you, become a better version of you. Take a leap of faith and stop being scared of what could happen, stop procrastinating, and stop telling yourself you have to sacrifice your social life. Have fun and focus on the positive outcomes that can happen if you take a leap of faith.

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