Dear Arkansas,

First of all, why is it not pronounced (ar-kansas)?

Secondly, why are the people of Arkansas more interested in flowers than chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Out of all 50 states, Arkansas is the only one with a higher interest in flowers this year. Maybe everyone else is doing it wrong though. After all, chocolate is not the healthiest choice, and more often than not, the heart shaped boxes are filled with gross flavored sweets. If you do not have a valentine, it is alright to:

Eating and chewing gum are proven to reduce stress. Go ahead and eat that chocolate, my dear friends.

Most people don’t eat all the chocolates in these Valentine's Day boxes anyway. Maybe the people of Arkansas realized that they are throwing most of their money away in gross chocolates, so they are switching to flowers.

Flowers are beautiful things. Good thing we cut them from their life source, wrap ‘em up in plastic, and then give them to loved ones who eventually have to throw them away because, oh yeah, they die!

Seriously, who came up with these gift ideas?

It's not that I would be upset getting these lovely gifts. They would be nice romantic gestures, but are they worth it? Let me know what kind of gift you would want for Valentine's Day!