1. Looking at yourself in the mirror

"It's no good at all to see yourself and not recognize your face"

2. Hangover

3. Relapse of hangover

4. When you’re tired of clubs

Get it? Because he's throwing a golf club.

5. When you go to your first class in the morning and your teacher asks for your paper and you don’t have it, so you give her sand

6. How you feel on the inside

7. Walking to the library to do work, but then you just get confused

8. Trying really hard to figure out what tf is going on

9. Walking out of your last class in the morning

10. Trying to explain to your friends what happened last night… even though you don’t really know

11. Going back to your dorm

12. Swearing to God that you won’t ever have a night like that again

13. Trying to blame someone else for your problems

14. But the air won’t help you

15. When you give up (sorry Jesus)

16. The regret. Much regret.